Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t actually all that difficult to start a lucrative new business venture in the United States. Much of the process has been simplified significantly over the years – everything from gaining the necessary licensing to submitting your tax ID application and so on.

The question being – what could represent a lucrative business venture, if looking to set something up in the automotive industry?

Truth is, there are literally dozens of incredible business opportunities to explore. Nevertheless, the following 10 examples have shown particularly strength and the potential for prosperity so far in 2018:

Taxi / Cab Services

One of the easiest and most dependable auto industry business ventures is setting yourself up as a taxi service. People will always need to get from A to B – they’re also willing to pay pretty high prices if the service you provide is outstanding.


Intra/Inter State Shuttle Bus Services

Slightly different from conventional taxi services, shuttle buses transport individuals and their respective property alike from one city or region to another. After forking out for the vehicle you need, there are comparatively few initial setup costs.


Valet Company 

Professional valet companies across the United States operate in countless environments. From hotels and restaurants for special events to weddings to airports and so on, it’s amazing just how much good money there is in parking other people’s cars!


Customization Garage 

Demand for high-quality vehicle customization services has never been stronger. Particularly if you have the creativity to come up with the kinds of new and interesting customizations no one else can offer.

Luxury Car Rental

Even those who can afford to buy luxury cars are now routinely opting to hire them out instead. The great thing about this kind of business being that once you’ve picked up the cars themselves, pretty much every penny you take home is pure profit.


Food Truck Businesses

You’d have to have been hiding under a rock to have somehow overlooked the popularity and prosperity of the modern food truck business. Once again, the key to success lies in coming up with something nobody else is doing.

Home Car Wash Business

Not only are home car wash services becoming increasingly popular, they also require the bare minimum initial investment. You don’t have to rent a space or invest in any particularly expensive equipment – the service you offer is also far more convenient than any traditional car wash.

Mobile Mechanic Services

The same also goes for working as a mobile mechanic. Just as long as you have the skills and the tools to perform both periodic and emergency vehicle repairs, there’s limitless potential for succeeding as a travelling mechanic.

Driving School

One of the best ways of tapping into the value of the car you already have is to teach other people how to drive. There always has been and always will be enormous demand for high quality driving instructors across the United States.

Online Auto Spare Parts Shop

Last up, you could always capitalise on the opportunity to buy auto parts in bulk from wholesale distributors and set up your own spare parts shop online.  Again, the appeal being relatively minimal overheads and modest initial investment requirements to get things up and running.