Hummer H3 made from $35,000 lottery tickets

What do you get when you use $35,000 worth of losing lottery tickets and build a car with them? A Hummer H3 perhaps? How ironic they chose a Hummer!

Brooklyn-based artists Adam Eckstrom and Lauren Was collected $35,000 such tickets and built Hummer H3.

The tickets came from local bodegas, where they were discarded by unlucky patrons.

Beside looking very cool, the piece, called “Ghost of a Dream,” also has a message behind it.

Was and Ecktrom came up with the idea when they realized that most people think of buying a car when they dream about winning the lottery - hence the name of the project. They also wanted for the paper Hummer to contain the value of a real working Hummer, and they succedeed.

I wonder if they checked each and every lottry ticket, just in case, before gluing them on?

Check out the pictures: