Audi R8 Wallpapers and Videos

Showcasing pictures and videos of the cool Audi R8 sports car. T o are now quite a few different types of Audi R8 available since Audi launched this road car in 2006. You have the R8, R8 V10, R8 Spyder, R8 Razor and GT versions.

ABT R8 GT R Official Video

Audi Unveils R8 GT3
Bringing the new GT3, Audi class was made official as the car racing – Audi R8 GT3. Called by insiders R16, R8 GT3 will be available for customers since 2009, with the first races planned in the same year. According to the Audi version GT3’s R8 will develop 500 HP, will have a gearbox sport with six steps.

Audi R8 LED Lights
Audi has already managed to work some LEDs into a few of its cars (concepts and otherwise), but the automaker has gone all out with its latest Audi R8, which employs LEDs for seemingly every lighting function. That includes the 24-LED running lamps the R8 had before, along with some brand LED high and low beam headlights, and LED turn signals, which add up to some 54 LEDs in all. Of course, given the prices that single LED bulbs demand these days, it should come as no surprise that this is quite the pricey option, with it adding a full €3,590 (or about $5,560) to the R8's already lofty sticker price.

R8 Drivetrain

Impressive Audi R8 Hill Climb

Complete Audi R8 high quality movie
From the official website

Top Gear - Jeremy Clarkson Audi R8 Review

Audi R8 TV Advert
New multi-million pound campaign for the new R8 highlights its painstaking 'hand-intensive' build process.

Iron Man Audi R8

This is an Audi R8 with BMW badges spotted in Russia recently...why would you do this????

Audi R8 Pictures
Check out this hot cool silver chrome Audi R8 sports car with pictures and video. Love this
modification but wonder how hot it would get? 

Here is the chrome Audi R8 being shown off at the 2009 Franfurt Motor Show...

The Audi R8 doesn't look so good in pink! 

Audi R8 Razor