Audi R8 Blackbird

Pictures and video of the super cool Audi R8 Blackbird car. Back in the 1960s, at the height of the Cold War, the world's two superpowers were locked in a technology race to develop their military capabilities fastest. Out of this came the idea of 'stealth' aircraft like the legendary SR-71 Blackbird, which provided the inspiration for this highly-modified Audi R8 from New York.

Like its winged counterpart, the Audi R8 ‘Blackbird’ features a sleek design, stunning performance and a host of stealthy electronic countermeasures for the road. Built by New York-based 'Ai Designs', the car has enough gadgets to give a military vehicle a run for its money, including a recently installed Passport 9500ci - an integrated laser detection and laser shifting unit. According to the company that builds the unit, Escort, speeding tickets will be a thing of the past thanks to the Passport's ability to absorb a laser signal and send a scrambled signal back to the source.

A built-in iPhone is used to check speed trap locations on the Internet and constantly update the car's library of red-light cameras and speed cameras, making it difficult for even the most ham fisted drivers to be caught by the constabulary.

With all of that stealth technology tucked underneath the car's dashboard, the R8 Blackbird exterior is the only giveaway that there’s something very special lurking within its sheet metal. Custom 20in forged wheels in a glossy black color sit at each corner, while the brake hats, rotors and exhaust tips are all coated in a flat black paint scheme. Finally, a Capristo sports exhaust with computer controlled valves allows the driver to make the R8 Blackbird as loud or quiet as they desire.

Alex Roy R8 Blackbird Video
Alex Roy interviews the anonymous owner of the Audi R8 "Blackbird"...shockingly well equipped with bleeding edge technological innovations.

Audi R8 BlackBird ! from vudu on Vimeo.

Just look at what the R8 Blackbird has fitted:
  • Uniden BCD-396T Trunk Tracker Scanner
  • Uniden BCD-996T GPS Scanner
  • Cobra 75 WX-ST CB Radio
  • GRadio 5watt VHF Radios with Iasus NT-3 Evolution Throat Mics
  • WAAV AirBox X2 EVDO Rev A Dual Cellular Broadband Router with WIFI
  • Escort 9500ci Radar Detector with AI Design Custom Mirror Mounted Display
  • Valentine V1 with POP Detection
  • Escort Laser Shifters Front and Rear
  • Garmin Nuvi 760 Units with FM traffic
  • Hirshmann GPS 918 5V Flex Cellular GPS antennas
  • Antennex 4 Foot CB antenna
  • Antennex 2 Foot Tuned Scanner antenna
  • Safecraft PC2 2.5 lb Dry Fire Extinguishers with Billet Quick Release Mounts
  • Whelen HHS2100 PA System with 100watt Amplifier and Loudspeaker
  • Gloss Black Powder-coated SDS 20-inch Forged Wheels
  • Flat Black Ceramic Coated Brake Hats and Rotors
  • Flat Black Ceramic Coated Exhaust Tips
  • Capristo Sports Exhaust with Computer Controlled Valves
  • Custom AI Design Roof Console
  • Dension ICE iPhone stations
  • Touchscreen Tablet PC Running Google Earth/Delorme Road Atlas/Google Maps/Njection/Trapster
  • And of course, the Proprietary Liquid Cooled INFRA-SONIC Field Wave Generator