Mazda Shinari concept car pictures

 Mazda has revealed the first glimpse of its new cool car design called Shinari. Mazda wheeled out the 4 door coupe show car at a design event in Milan, but official 'studio' renderings and outdoor shots of the car have also leaked out onto the web as pictured below.


The Shinari's key styling cues include a prominent, gaping-mouth grille that does away with Nagare's 'smiling face', ultra-slim headlights and an Aston Martin-esque side vent just behind the front wheels. Inside, the concept is a strict 4 seater.

The future of the Shinari concept isn't clear at the moment. It could be a close preview of the next-generation Mazda 6, test mules of which were unveiled at last week's Mazda engineering showcase. Alternatively, a modified version of the Shinari could become an indirect successor to the RX-8, which has become a victim of Euro5 emissions regulations.