Breakdown Cover - Tips on getting the best deal

Breakdown cover is an essential service for motorists; while the initial outlay may seem like a needless cost if you think it’s unlikely that you’ll break down in your car over the coming year, it often pales into significance when compared to the amount you would pay for a one-off callout charge if you’re unlucky enough to break down without having the relevant breakdown cover.

The thing to remember when it comes to selecting breakdown cover is that once you sign up with a provider, there’s no obligation to stick with them in subsequent years. In fact, by showing loyalty to one particular company you’re likely ensuring that you pay over the odds for your cover – providers will often charge existing customers more than they would charge new customers, so it can pay to look at all your options every year when renewal time comes.

Just as you would take a look around at the best savings rates available before committing to one particular savings account, it makes sense to shop around when it comes to paying for breakdown cover.

Get out of the mindset of customer loyalty; special introductory offers mean that switching providers year-on-year can mean significant savings for the savvy shopper.

The internet is a hugely valuable tool when it comes to looking for the best breakdown cover deals. Firstly, providers offer better deals online than over the phone, which is a huge boost by itself. Even better than that, though, online comparison sites make it a doddle to survey your best options in a matter of minutes.

All you need to do is enter a few details about you and your vehicle and your comparison site of choice will offer up a whole host of options, allowing you to pick the best value deal for you. One thing to be aware of is that not all breakdown cover providers are covered by comparison sites, so if your list of options is missing one of the major players, it’s worth heading to their website and requesting a quote just to make sure you have every option available to you before you make your final choice.

There’s another way to save further money on your breakdown cover, too – navigate to your chosen provider’s site via a cashback site before completing your transaction and the cashback site will credit you with a portion of its commission, bringing down the overall cost of your cover. This can make a significant difference to the price, so if you have two similarly competitive quotes from providers, it’s worth checking how much cashback sites will pay you for each of the options and go with the one that will yield the higher rate of cashback.

It really does pay to put a little effort into choosing your breakdown cover provider every year, rather than going with the easy option of renewing your existing deal. By doing your research and exploring every option, you’ll make significant savings.

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