Ferrari FF - Coolest Family Car in the World!

Showcasing the Ferrari FF with cool pictures and videos of this amazing 4x4 'family' car. The words 'Ferrari' and 'family car' have been spotted hanging out together before with the Ferrari 612 Scalietti. But the Ferrari FF is a bit special!

Official Ferrari FF Video
The Fiorano circuit, snowy mountains, the desert and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Extreme locations where the Ferrari FF perfectly expresses his Ferrari soul and versatility: breathtaking journey directed by Sean Thonson.

The Ferrari FF is a super cool four wheel drive hypercar that can accommodate four passengers and loads of shopping...hurray!!! The Ferrari FF replaces the four-seater Ferrari 612 Scalietti but unlike that car, the Ferrari FF has loads of room in the rear. Open the door, flick a switch and the front seats slide forward, beckoning you into one of two amazingly ample rear pews, which offer a tonne of space and enough head room for Gulliver himself! The boot offers 450 litres of space which is more than a Ford Focus hatchback. Fold the seats forward and this capacity is extended to a whopping 800 litres which is enough to accommodate a week's shopping. 

The Ferrari FF interior is naturally super cool and luxurious. Interior technology has often been a disappointment in previous Ferrari's, is well and truly sorted in this model. Passengers in the front (yes, passengers) get their own LCD display indicating the car's engine revs, average and maximum speeds, plus several funky graphs that show exactly how power is being distributed to the four wheels by the car's patented 4RM four-wheel-drive, dual-clutch transmission.

What's more remarkable about this family car is the fact the Ferrari FF doesn't compromise on equipment or performance. Its 6.2-litre V12 engine throws out 651bhp and more torque than you can legally use outside of a private racetrack. 0-62mph flashes up on its computerised virtual instruments in 3.7 seconds and it'll throw up 208mph if you keep your foot planted on the oversize accelerator pedal for long enough.

Those that want to harness the Ferrari FF's power and practicality will need to pay a pretty penny. This cool car will go on sale for a whopping €260,000 (£223,000) so as a family car, it's in a league of its own.

Video of Unveiling Ferrari FF 2011 Geneva Motor Show