E-Bugster - VW Concept Car Pics and Video

Showcasing pictures and a video one of the coolest concept cars we've seen from VW called the E-Bugster which was revealed at the 2012 Detroit motor show.

So what do we think of Volkswagen E-Bugster? 
Well, it's a completely new concept that's based on the latest version of VW's iconic Beetle. And it's electric. So far so good! For an electric car it's pretty nippy with an electric motor giving 114 horsepower (85 kW) and 199 pound-feet of torque.

Range is decent too which is detailed at about 100 miles courtesy of a 695-pound lithium ion battery pack that sites both under the rear seats and trunk floor.  A charging port is located under the VW logo at the car's nose, and, depending on the charger being used, an 80% charge can happen in just 30 minutes.

But the VW E-Bugster's coolest styling element we think is its chopped roof. Also we love the 20-inch alloy wheels (see picture below) which remind us a bit of the Fuchs wheels seen on many retro Beetles all around the country.

E-Bugster Pictures