Tips on knowing when to replace the tyres

From time to time your car tyres will need replacing. As they’re used they will gradually wear down – eventually they’ll reach a point where they are no longer legal for road use. It’s essential that you have your tyres replaced when they reach this point, otherwise you could be liable for prosecution, points on your license and a hefty fine if your tyres are seen by the Police.

Aside from avoiding a fine and points on your license, you should pay special attention to your tyres anyway because when they become worn they become less effective. This means that braking distances will increase, as grip decreases – therefore rendering them dangerous to anyone who travels in the car.

If you’re strapped for cash and it’s a trade off between getting a new pair of alloys, or replacing worn tyres, why not get both by finding cheap alloy wheels and opting for budget tyres? You certainly shouldn’t upgrade to alloy wheels instead of replacing worn tyres. With a bit of research you’ll find there are plenty of cheap alloy wheels and tyres available out there.
When do tyres need replacing?
Typically, tyres will last for around 15,000 to 20,000 miles. This is only a rough figure though and many variables come into play such as your driving style, and also the quality of the tyres when new. You should regularly check the condition and the tread on your tyres for signs of wear.
Sometimes your tyres may be in tiptop condition when it comes to tread, but the tyre walls may be damaged. It’s important that you have an expert look at your tyres to determine whether or not they require changing. Damage to the tyre wall can leave your car susceptible to blow outs, which can be extremely dangerous.

Which replacement tyres to go for?
There are lots of different brands of tyre out there, and many different models. Some people believe in the “cheap and cheerful” philosophy, where they buy cheap brands and replace their tyres more often. Other people may opt for more expensive tyres that last longer. It really is up to you which tyres you get, and you may well find the ones you settle for will be dictated by how much you can afford to spend on them. Some tyre fitters may even offer part-worn tyres, which can sometimes represent a really good deal. The tyres that are best for you will depend on your driving style, and the amount of miles you do.

Tyres are the unsung heroes on many cars. Lots of owners will pay a lot of attention to their shiny alloy wheels, but they’ll spare their tyres very little thought. Next time you’re buffing up your alloys, give your tyres a quick check over to ensure they’re still in good condition.