New Honda Civic - Unveiled at Frankfurt Motorshow

This short video showcases the grand unveiling of the Honda Civic at the Frankfurt Motorshow. In order to progress, it's necessary to venture into the great unknown. After all, treading along a common path will never lead to something new or innovative. That’s why when pursuing a new, improved, Civic the Honda, engineers had to embark on a journey into ‘the unknown’. The campaign tells this story and uses interactive experiences to teach the lessons that they learnt along the way to developing the car.

Creating the new Civic demanded new ways of doing things. So Honda's engineers ventured into the unknown, trying new ideas, learning new lessons and uncovering new ways of solving problems. It wasn’t an easy journey, but it was a great one. And after four years of experimenting and 20 thousand miles of on-road testing, they finally realised their dream: the quietest, smoothest and strongest performing Civic yet.

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