Cool Digital Car Art Competition - Infiniti Curved Vision

Here at cool cars we love car design concepts using digital art so we were delighted to hear that INFINITI are continuing their design and promotion competition which we showcased a few months ago with the new concept called Infiniti Curved Vision

Infiniti Curved Vision is an international competition with the aim to find the best talent from around the world for design and digital art, focussed around various aspects of the INFINITI brand.

The first part of the competition, Inspired Performance, attracted over 500 entries from around the globe, with people presenting the very best of their skills to showcase some excellent pieces of art. The competition for this new stage is expected to continue that high level of excellence, and attract even more interested competitors, and you too are invited to take part and show your talent.

The winner of the first stage, Japan-born Shinji Nukumi was was awarded €10,000 for his efforts, so the prize is certainly not something to be taken lightly! As well as the excellent prize money, the winning entries will be made into actual art installations at flagship dealers throughout Europe, so perhaps you could even use some of the prize money to travel and see your artwork in person!

The 6 finalists from the previous competition were:

For Curved Visions, the criteria is:

participants are asked to design an unforgettable experience that can be generated through a digital artwork, interior installation piece, or unique performance:
  1. Digital artwork in the form of images and/or videos

    You can (and are encouraged) to include the car or elements of the car as part of the artwork
  2. Physical installation in the form of a sculpture, 3D mapping, or other exciting new media works

    Installation should take up no more space than an INFINITI car – installation must work in ambient light  
    You can (and are encouraged) to include the car or elements of the car as part of the installation,  
    Any form of installation that requires bespoke build must be provided by artist.
  3. INFINITI experiential cinema: unique curved cinema experience where you can create a 180°  or 360°  video installation

    Sound and interactivity are optional but will enhance the experience
  4. Interactive art piece that works with Microsoft Kinect.

    This can be a complete work or conceptual prototype and technology available will be Microsoft surface and Kinect sensors.
  5. Live performances

    Including dance, light, interactive music, body art, or another unique experience 
So there is something for everyone, no matter what your area of expertise or preferred medium for producing art is.

If you'd like to Find out more click here or head along to Register now to be in with a chance of wining with Infiniti

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