Buying an ex demo Mercedes-Benz

If you get into a Mercedes-Benz, you can't get out, you can't talk yourself into it. So, you can't get into a Mercedes unless you can buy one, but not everyone can afford the luxury of owning one. That leaves most of us with a dilemma in respect to new Mercedes.

On the other hand, those of us in this situation may have options. Late model used Mercedes are one. However, finding the latest model used, finding this year's model used Mercedes -- finding it used the same year it was released -- is a difficult proposition. It happens, but it's rare.

If you want this year's Mercedes at a late model Mercedes price, an ex demo Mercedes might be the solution. If you can get your hands on a demonstrator model, it's a real opportunity. In many cases, a demonstrator can actually be a better vehicle than a new Mercedes.

First off, the price of a demonstrator is significantly lower than a new car. However, a demonstrator isn't going to have the significant number of miles that have burdened most used cars. An ex demo Mercedes is as "like new" as it is possible to find.

In addition, demonstrators model at car shows, at dealerships, in photo ops... in other words, the people that use demo Mercedes aren't consumers, they're experts, the best in the business at taking care of cars. Unlike some personal cars, every care is taken to keep a demo in perfect condition because demonstrators are the cars used to illustrate the qualities of the entire line.

Along with the fact that demonstrators represent an entire line of cars comes the fact that ex demo Mercedes don't typically come with standard issue amenities. Most demo Mercedes are chalked full of the latest and best innovations. Even if you decide you're only willing to spend your money on an A or C Class, if you by an ex demo Mercedes, it will be the best of the A or C Class's.

Another major plus is the time factor. While you may have to wait for a new Mercedes to come off the line that is customized to fit your needs, a demo used Mercedes is available immediately. There's no wait beyond the time it takes to fill out the paperwork and receive the change of title.

One last perk of buying an ex demo -- and a great one at that -- is the fact that they all come with Mercedes' "Genuine History" comprehensive assessment report meaning you'll know everywhere a car has been and everything it has done prior to taking it with you. Also, ex demo Mercedes come rubber to roof road-side assistance and the extremely popular "First Cover" program. First Cover allows you to drive the car off the lot and drive for a week with the confidence of being fully insured. First Cover is a week's worth of comprehensive auto insurance free of charge.

Buying an ex demo Mercedes removes the paradox from the notion that buying used can be a new experience. You can buy a used Mercedes or a new one, or you can by a new used one, an ex demo Mercedes: it's this year's new model, it's has the latest new toys and amities and it's new to you. If you want to split hairs about new and used, technically, you'll never be the first person to drive a car -- no matter how new it is -- unless you show up to the factory and drive it off the assembly line!

This was a guest post by David Newman