5 most expensive car accidents in history

There have been five high profile car crashes in the past few years that made news headlines around the world for being the most expensive car accidents in history. Work your way down the page to the most expensive car crash of all time:

Bentley Azure 5 Sports Car Prang - £40,000

When in Monte Carlo, everything is done in style, including crashing your car. This was the moment (watch the actual video below) when a woman driver caused a £700,000 five car pile up as her Bentley collided with a Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin.

Disaster struck as the hapless blonde negotiated the traffic around the Place du Casino in her £250,000 Bentley Azure. The driver of a white Mercedes S Class worth £75,000 was the first victim as the Bentley scraped down the side of it before ploughing into a £143,000 black Ferrari F430. Fortunately for the insurance company involved, the damage does not surpass £40,000 due to the fairly slow speeds involved in the accident (unlike other claims further down this page!)

The Aston Martin, the Ferrari, the Porsche and the Bentley need new front wings and bumpers, but the hapless blonde’s ride also needs a new door. As expected, the “glamorous” accident gathered a lot of curious people who hastily came to see the wonder.

McLaren F1 - £910,000 

The repair bill for Rowan Atkinson’s McLaren F1 goes way beyond a chipped windscreen claim. It was recently revealed and it’s more than three times bigger compared to previous most expensive insurance bill. The famous Mr. Bean actor crashed his McLaren F1 in August 2011 while driving on the A605 when he lost control of the super car on a slippery patch near Peterborough.

The whole repair job cost a whopping £910,000 and was done in approximately one year. Atkinson is now driving his beloved F1 once again...but the Daily Mail reported that his insurance premium has soared to £60,000 per year!

Bugatti Veyon - £1.5 Million 

In what can be only described as one of the most well documented exotic car accidents on the net, this actual crash video of a Bugatti Veyron in 2009 was blamed on a low flying pelican distracting the driver.

What he didn't know was that the whole thing was caught on video (see below video), and the pelican is suspiciously absent leading to his insurance company suing him for $2 million fraud. Strangely the trial was mysteriously postponed - which means it's more than likely been settled out of court.


Super Car Pile Up - £2.6 million 

Back in December 2011 we saw the most expensive crash crash in history involving 8 Ferraris, 1 Lamborghini and 1 Mercedes-Benz costing £2.6 million worth of damage.

Miraculously, none of the drivers were seriously hurt in the wreckage...just a painful bill for the car insurance companies.

The chain-reaction crash occurred when a convoy of expensive sports cars were on a freeway in Shimonoseki in western Japan.

The driver of the lead Ferrari lost control and those behind the wheels of 9 supercars and three other vehicles failed to apply their brakes in time.

Television footage showed mangled Ferraris – many of them racing red – and debris spread over some 400 metres of the eastbound side of the Chugoku Expressway, the main trunk road in southern Honshu.

The drivers were on their way to a supercar event in Hiroshima. Supercars are not necessarily owned by the super-rich in Japan. Many owners are young people who save up their earnings to satisfy their dream. Police say the 10 drivers who were aged between 38 and 61 were all exceeding the speed limit or not paying enough attention to the road and were finally charged this month.

Here's some pictures of the expensive cars involved in this crash:

1967 Ferrari 250 GTO - £20 million 

The world’s most expensive car crash to date is the 1967 Ferrari 250 GTO owned by US businessman Christopher Cox. The classic Ferrari was driving in central France when the car collided with another vehicle. But given the lack of information about this car accident, and the silence of all parties involved, establishing a figure for damages is a tricky proposition. It is thought the Ferrari, which is one of only 39 ever built worth upwards of £20 million. The value of the 250 GTO has skyrocketed in recent years with one green model built for Stirling Moss selling last month for a world record £22.7million. Chris Evans is also understood to have recently sold his model for somewhere in the region of £18 million.

The car had been participating in a road rally to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the GTO when it collided with a privately owned vehicle. The GTO reportedly sustained severe damage on its right side and front end, but as Jalopnik noted, photos of the damaged car are all but impossible to obtain.