5 Most Pulled Over Vehicles

Chances are good that if you own a Mercedes-Benz SL Class and drive it around, you have plenty of money to play with. This is good considering Mercedes-Benz SL Class drivers are four times more likely than typical drivers to get pulled over by the cops and given a speeding ticket.

As unfair as it sounds, this is what the results of a recently conducted study showed. The San Francisco-based Quality Planning company, known for providing auto insurers with various services and tools, held the study and attempted to see a link between the type of car that you drive and what your driving habits end up. The study was also designed to use this to measure out how likely a driver could be pulled over and given a ticket.

At the top of the list for most pulled over was the Mercedes-Benz SL Class, which is a luxury sports car that tends to sell around the area of $100,000. The Hummer H2 and H3 also cracked the top 10, both of which were already very likely to be caught for violations prior to the brand discontinuation.

The list of five most pulled over and ticketed vehicles was as follows:

1. Mercedes-Benz SL Class

2. Toyota Camry Solara

3. Toyota Scion tC

4. Hummer H2 and H3

5. Scion xB

The study also collected information on the average age of drivers and the exact percentage of gender, though this information did not lead to any kind of concrete patterns. At the top of the list, Mercedes-Benz SL Class drivers averaged out to be about 53 years of age, though the Scion tC drivers were third with drivers averaging out to be about 30.

With the exception of the Hummer, most of the drivers in this list also happened to skew toward female.

Why this list has been formed the way it was does not offer any real explanation on the reason. As it stands, it merely shows which cars are more likely to be pulled over, which could easily be due to the local law enforcement's bias with regard to the types of vehicles or due to the driver's habits on the road. However, the fact that the list seemed to capture cars across all different kinds of segments, from luxurious high-end sports cars and low-end hatchbacks to safe sedans and others, suggests that there is likely little bias with the local law enforcement looking to pull over drivers of expensive vehicles.

Despite the casting of doubt on this theory, the authors of the study did not provide any real explanation for why young Scion drivers and older Mercedes drivers seemed to be driving recklessly enough to warrant being pulled over. However, the authors did note that most of the vehicles that showed the lowest rates of being pulled over and ticketed were vehicles that are generally thought of as cautious, such as minivans and SUVs. Says the authors of the study, this suggests that drivers do pay attention to the fact that they are carrying around passengers.

This article was written by Christina Hensley, who is the primary writer for www.shop-carinsurance.net, who specializes in auto insurance rates and quotes.