Introducing the Great Wall Steed

Named after the Great Wall of China, Great Wall Motors are a new global force in vehicle manufacture across the world. They have been confirmed as China’s largest SUV producer and are spreading out sales and manufacture internationally.

Great Wall pickup trucks have become increasingly popular in the international market after 35 years of solid experience in producing robust and reliable vehicles for a global marketplace. Current estimates for the company suggest that they will be able to produce 1.5 million vehicles every year by 2015.

The Steed is widely considered to be Great Wall’s flagship vehicle. This article attempts to find out why this pickup truck has such enduring popularity.

Value for money

The first ever Chinese-brand vehicle to sell in the UK, the Steed is making waves in the industry, firstly due to its incredible price. Currently valued at just under £14,000 before VAT, it’s by far the cheapest four-wheel drive pickup truck on the market.

It certainly stands out from its peers. Other rival motor companies usually offer you two-wheel drive vehicles with a single cab, as opposed to the Steed’s double cab, for the same price, if not more.

More than just a pickup truck

The Steed is more than just an affordable pickup truck. Its insides certainly do not represent how affordable the car actually is. It comes adorned with leather upholstery, Bluetooth capabilities and heated front seats, among other awesome features.

If you’re thinking about splashing some extra cash, an extra two thousand pounds will also get you parking sensors and chrome sidebars, with some other features too.


The Steed has arrived well prepared for the party. Packing a 2.0 litre turbo-diesel engine, its power output is 143PS at 4,000 RPM. Tweaked beautifully for the European market, this car packs the power that most of its rivals do, but for about £5,000 less.

It’s an absolute steal for what you receive. Its specifications make it ideal for off-roaders or farmers, who are favouring the Steed more and more, as demonstrated by its popularity at county fairs and shows.

Who would it benefit the most?

The Steed is a real workhorse: it’s a durable, sturdy pickup truck that does what it says on the tin and with great reliability. If you work in construction or agriculture, or have a similar need for a pickup, then get ahead of the game and make your next vehicle a Great Wall.