Honda Brio - Small, Fun and Affordable

The Honda Brio was launched in 2011 and this radically small sized car offers great looks and flexibility. The front is designed with a cab frontward style while the bonnet of Brio is quite small. Ever since the car was launched, it was clear that he as something about it. The cabin space contradicted its compressed exterior proportion and enables the passengers to seat in absolute comfort. The car offers an excellent ride experience for both town traffic and highway conditions.

The new Honda brio is a perfect hatchback that has been launched after making market surveys about the lifestyles and driving needs in India. The major highlights of the Honda Brio include:

• Excellent and speedy engine
• Excellent mileage figures
• Offer great value for the money invested
• Well featured and perfectly equipped
• Great and impressive looks
• Quality ride experience
• Experience of dealership with Honda
• Excellent interiors
• Decent resale value
• Advanced handling
• Spacious
• Excellence at performance
• Exceptionally flexible
• Sufficient boot space
• Sufficient cabin space
• Spry and efficient engine
 • Superior Dual-tone interiors
• 3D meter extraordinary analog
• Eco lamp system
• AUX-in features
• USB connectivity

The car is launched in 6 different variants such as EMT, SMT, EXMT, VMT, VXAT and VXMT and in 6 thrilling outer shades like energetic blue, crystal blackish pearl, rallye red, whitish taffeta, urban titanium and in alabaster silver. The car is featured with electric powered steering i.e. hassle fee and stable, during both high as well as low speeds. Honda has made an extra effort in order to deliver finest of comfort and safety features in their maiden car, Brio.

The car is designed in India from the parts that are manufactured in Japan. The company offers a HCMP or Honda Customer Care and Maintenance Package that provides free of cost periodical maintenance facilities up to 2 years or 40,000 KM (which ever thing occurs first). The brio comes with some expert features such as windshield defogger at the back and height adjuster for driver’s seat. The car is designed efficiently after adopting the Honda's concept i.e. maximum human power and minimum mechanical power. This helps to create more space for passengers and less space for machines.

Honda as a brand is well known for launching stylish cars in an extremely unique way and with Brio, the Honda engineers have used their best skills to designed its immensely impressive interiors that are featured with stunning and technically developed features such sporty and exceptional 3D meters- triple analog to offer improved visibility, better air conditioning, upgraded audio system, Eco lamp features for power efficient ride along with AUX-in and USB features. Hence, at a price range of 4.10 lakhs to 6.10 lakhs, the fabulously designed Brio has a lot of offer!

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