Is the Ford Fiesta the most popular hatchback of all time?

Hatchbacks have been a popular choice for many years with everyone from families to first time drivers. They are often cheaper to buy, run, insure and are widely available on the market. If someone was to ask you to name a hatchback the chances are the Ford Fiesta would pop into your mind. But would you consider it the most popular hatchback of all time?

Did you know that the original name for the Fiesta was going to be the “Bobcat” developed by Henry Ford II in September 1972. The Fiesta was approved for production in 1973 and they estimated that around 500,000 could be produced every year. The car started to gain large amounts of popularity during the eighties, as it was seen as the perfect option for day to day driving. The Fiesta really became a big deal when it realised the mark IV, which went on to be the bestselling car in Britain from 1996 to 1998. This is when Ford really started to establish itself in the hatchback market.

Move on a few more years to the present day and the car has gone from strength to strength becoming a popular choice all around the world. The modern Ford Fiesta click here is a firm favourite with many critics. It is seen as a great car to drive with its comfortable ride and stylish interior and exterior. This supermini is very reasonably priced and cheap to maintain and run. There is also a large selection available to choose from including more sporty versions such as the Fiesta ST. It is renowned for its handling and excellent new Ecoboost engine. On the downside it trails behind some rivals on versatility and also the trim looks a bit cheap. Ford can also be a bit reluctant to offer good standard equipment, extras often cost more.

The hatchback industry is full to the brim with competition these days. This means the Fiesta has a lot to live up to and compete with. Some of its most notable rivals are the Volkswagen Golf and the Vauxhall Adam. This has meant that car manufactures have to do more to attract buyer’s attention. Many years ago people would stick to one manufacture that they liked and be loyal to them for many years. These days we want more for our money so we are more likely to shop around. Although the Fiesta is holding its own in the industry there is definitely some other options to look at. Car buying is always down to personal preference so test drive as many different hatchbacks as you can to find the one that suits you.

Whether you like the Ford Fiesta or not, you cannot deny its success and popularity. The seventh-generation Fiesta is currently the UK’s bestselling car and it is easy to see why. There is definitely an argument for the Fiesta been the most popular hatchback of all time. With so many rivals gaining in popularity, it will be interesting in a few years’ time to see if they can maintain their reign. If you are looking to buy a Fiesta it is always important to buy from trusted dealerships such as Bristol Street Motors. This way you are guaranteed to get a reliable service & aftercare plan. This means you can spend more time browsing the many cars for sale and less time worrying.