Five reasons to buy a Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is one of the very best-selling cars in history, and has smoothly managed to cross class and gender boundaries pretty much since its very first model in the early 1970s. There are plenty of good reasons to buy a Volkswagen Golf, and here are our top five.

Understated style

We’re into the seventh generation of the VW Golf range at the moment, with an all-new GTI model due in VW dealers any moment now. But even without that famous GTI badge, the VW Golf is one of the most understatedly attractive hatchbacks that you can buy, regardless of the model year. The MK7 Golf is bigger than ever and packed with safety and efficiency technology like never before, and it’s a great looking car. But, if you can’t quite stretch to the silky smooth new MK7 Golf, then the MK6 and MK5 models are also very modern, smooth looking hatchbacks that would grace any driveway with their clean Germanic style. Why not look for your perfect Volkswagen at auction?

Remember this VW Golf advert?

Safety first

Every VW Golf model throughout the years has been built to the highest safety standards available to VW at the time of production. Sure, the early cars wouldn’t score very well in modern crash testing, but as we go up through the Golf model years, the cars get rapidly safer and safer. The newer Golfs are the models to go for if you travel many motorway miles at speed, or indeed if you have a large family to regularly ferry around. But, if it’s just you and you like a little back lane fin, go for the MK1 Golf – it’s the lightest and most pure of all. Probably the least safe though.

Build quality

Something that is rarely questioned when it comes to VW’s venerable Golf is the build quality of the cars. So, if you’re looking for something that’ll last, look at a Golf. Yes, they may be a little dearer than your average new of used hatchback, and the parts again might be a touch dearer here and there, but it’s definitely a case of you get what you pay for and a bit more money spent on German motoring initially could well work out cheaper in the long-term. If you’re looking to buy, enjoy and keep a car that you can be proud of, the solidly built Golf is a very good place to start.

This picture is a 1998 VW golf disassembled.

We always enjoy VW TV commercials and this one is our all time favourite:

Frugal engines

Another attractive characteristic of the Volkswagen Golf range is that they are underpinned by the VW engineers’ constant striving to always improve on economy; be that from their petrol or diesel engines. The newer the Golf, the better the economy will be, as technology pushes every Golf evolution to greater heights of fuel economy. VW are constantly leading the way in economy development with advances like high pressure fuel injection, variable value timing and turbocharger efficiencies, and all of these developments make themselves happily obvious as trips to the fuel pumps occur thankfully less regularly.

Resale value

You may well buy your next VW Golf with the intention of keeping it for many, many years to come, but situations can quickly change, and if you do need to sell your Golf, then a good condition car with some decent service history should be one of the easiest cars around to sell on the used market. For all the reasons we’ve mentioned above, VW’s class- and gender-transcending Golf is one used car that, if well maintained, will always catch the eye of buyers seeking style, economy and reliability.