Which BMW best represents your brand on the move?

Many companies choose BMW for their fleet cars and there are many good reasons for this. Not only are BMWs the kind of cars that company staff who have to travel hundreds of miles a day actually like to drive, but BMWs – through years of solid reputation building – deliver a positive message to clients about where your company is going and the kinds of external brands you like to associate with. Here are some models from the BMW range that could work well on your fleet.

The BMW 1 Series

The BMW 1 Series is the smallest BMW you can buy, but it still manages to carry plenty of influence in the world of fleet car managers and drivers, and their customers. The 1 Series can claim to be one of the most efficient of BMW models – although the bigger cars also manage to wow with their fuel efficiency and low emissions. But, it’s the smallest BMW that has the least work to do to carry it passengers around, as the smaller the car, the lighter it is, and the less work the engine has to do to move the car along. Less work from the engine means less CO2 emissions are released and the lower the CO2, the lower the car’s tax rate will be. And this is appealing to fleet managers.

The size of the BMW 1 Series is also reflected in its price of course, with the smaller BMWs commanding less of a premium to buy or lease, and to run long-term. And yes, while the nimble little 1 Series is perhaps not as glamorous as the big and bold 5 Series for example, every BMW regardless of size carries that impressive BMW blue and white roundel badge which says so much about your company. If it is indeed true that first impressions count, then a BMW company car can surely only make the best impression for your company. Sound good so far? Well why not check out these BMW leasing deals?

The BMW 3 Series

One of the most very famous fleet cars in automotive company car history has got to be the evergreen BMW 3 Series; the mid-size benchmark against which all other fleet cars are measured. And year after year the others just don’t seem to quite measure up, while the unbelievable BMW notches up yet more awards, praise and accolades.

The current BMW 3 Series model hasn’t been with us for that long and the keen eyed out there will have more than likely noticed that, well, there’s not that much new to notice with the new car, next to the one it replaces. But, BMW has always been about gentle evolution rather than design revolution, and yet again, the new BMW 3 Series is about the finer details that make up a stunning bigger picture.

While the styling is quietly refined and understated, there is nothing understated about the bang-up-to-date efficiency under the bonnet of the latest BMW 3 Series. Even without their even more green-focused EfficientDynamics badging, every 3 Series model comes with the very best efficiency that their engineers can extract, and that’s one of the very top reasons why fleet managers and drivers go back to the BMW badge. It’s this never ending attack on inefficiency that says so much about the companies that run BMW cars as their fleet transport, and if your cars are green and environmentally friendly, perhaps your company is too.


  1. For the price of the 1-Series, one could also take coupes as diverse as the Ford Mustang GT, Audi TT and the Infiniti G37. The 'Stang is the accelerative champ of the group, while the G37 and TT offer a similar balance between luxury and handling as the BMW.


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