Which Mazda is the Best Model of All Time?

Among Japanese automakers, Mazda is actually relatively small. The company produced and sold 1.3 million vehicles worldwide at the end of the last decade, ranking it fifteenth among global car manufacturers. That puts it behind competing Japanese firms like Honda and Toyota, but that doesn't mean that Mazda isn't one of the best brands on the road. Indeed, for the duration of its time in the marketplace, Mazda has focused on incorporating efficient operation, sporty performance, and cutting-edge design, with each model that it has released. Its fan base is enthusiastic and growing, which bodes well for long-term sales numbers.

Among its many models (see here full list), a few stand out above the rest. From early Mazda cars to the latest releases still sitting on dealer lots around the world, there are a few great Mazda’s that are easily the best ever made.

1. Mazda RX-7

Though it's no longer offered for sale by Mazda, the RX-7 was a sports car that was ahead of its time upon its initial debut. While luxury car brands were switching to "flat" engines with high horsepower ratings, Mazda was developing what came to be known as the "rotary engine." This innovative concept actually allowed for a smaller, more powerful engine than was present in any competing sports car of this size or class. This is a great used Mazda available at Bristol Street Motors.

What resulting was one of Mazda's defining vehicles during the early part of the 20th century. The RX-7 became associated with Mazda's brand, conveying a sporty, "zoom zoom" driving style that today is a key part of every other vehicle the company sells to consumers. Because it was ahead of its time, and because it focused Mazda's attention on sporty performance across the board, the RX-7 is surely near the top of the list of Mazda's best efforts.

2. The Mazda 323

Long before buyers had ever heard of today's Mazda3 compact sedan, the company was selling the Mazda 323 to consumers in North America, Europe, and Asia. The vehicle was known at the time for being small, competitively priced, and sportier than most sedans its size. The company's GTX trim level, in particular, was known as one of the most powerful compact sedans available for sale anywhere.

The car was first offered for sale in 1963, lasting until its eventual discontinuation in 2003 in favour of the Protégé and eventual Mazda3 sedan. As one of the longest-lasting models produced by any manufacturer, this car deserves a mention as one of Mazda's biggest achievement.

3. 2014 Mazda6

The Mazda6 has been flying under the radar for years, largely taking a backseat to staggering sales of the smaller Mazda3 and hatchback Mazdaspeed3. The car was retooled for the 2013 model year, however, and now looks on par with luxury models made by Audi and other German luxury lines. That has drawn buyers back to this larger sedan, which pairs the performance of a Mazdaspeed3 with the refinement required by today's mid-size sedan models.

With growing sales numbers and one of the most unique designs currently on the market, the car is the perfect combination of power, design, and overall interior refinement. It has consistently ranked above competing models from Honda and Toyota in manufacturer reviews and rankings, giving it added credibility in an increasingly competitive segment of the current market.

Great Cars from a Storied Manufacturer

From compact sedans and family cars to sports models that outperformed the competition, Mazda's history in the marketplace is one of innovation, excellence, and power. That looks only to continue, especially with cars like the 2014 Mazda6 that have already blown past expectations. Every manufacturer has its critics and many believe that Mazda’s biggest competitor is Ford with the Ford Fiesta available at Bristol Street Motors been one of the best selling cars of the last few years. Although Mazda will always have strong competition it will more than be able to hold its weight in this ever growing market.