3 Off-Roading Champs

Driving in the city simply cannot offer the same experience as off-roading. The thrill that comes with venturing off the beaten path, the raw power that you feel as you plow over some of mother nature's most challenging obstacles, and the adventure that comes with discovering new destinations all make off-roading an addictive activity.

However, the experience can be completely dependent on the type of vehicle that have on your side. It is important to have both strength and agility working together in order to get through the wilderness.

Exploring the top three vehicles for off-roading will allow you to start imagining the possibilities.

The Subaru Outback

One extremely important thing to consider when looking at vehicles for off-roading is ground clearance. The height of the Outback's chassy goes a long way in protecting you from rocks, sticks, and other potentially damaging items. The Outback certainly has this feature on its side, making it a top pick. In addition to keeping you up above the action, Subaru has fitted the outback with Symmetrical AWD. This built-in power lets you get any wheel over any barrier that may present itself regardless of the vehicle's orientation. The actual system itself has been refined over the years thanks to Subaru's experience with rally competitions. This knowledge has given them a serious design advantage over the competition.

The Toyota Sequoia

Although Toyota may not be a name that you might expect to hear when talking about off-roading, a few select models have some very distinct features that set them apart. The Sequoia finds one of its major advantages to be its 4WD system. The vestigial tendencies of other companies are not in play here. Although you might be paying a stiff price tag for the Sequoia, you will not be feeling left short. This model is a solid build, featuring body on frame construction, and the likelihood of structural damage while off-roading is virtually non-existent. The limited-slip differential also locks into place, allowing torque to present itself with some serious amount of power.

The Land Rover

This vehicle may be dubbed as a “luxury SUV,” but the combination of its handling and powerful engine make it an ideal choice for off-roading as well. It is the best of both worlds. Drivers are getting a considerable amount of cargo space for equipment needed off the pavement, and its five-seater capacity lets you take all your mates into the adventure with you. The option of a super-charged V8 is enough to impress any off-roading enthusiast who may think that the Land Rover available at Farnell Land Rover was only built for pampering. While you do run the risk of getting mud and other bits of nature on a rather luxurious interior, some good floor mats and a little cleaning are nothing compared to thrill you get from serious off-roading.