Getting to grips with your car

Anyone who owns a car needs to understand certain aspects of the vehicle. This isn’t a reflection of intelligence but merely the proof that new things require a period of adjustment. If you’ve driven the same car for a number of years then you’ll have got used to its nuances and feels. You’ll know the pressure of the pedals and the reach of the controls – all aspects which can change when you upgrade to something new.

Even something as simple as finding the indicator stalk on a different side of the steering wheel can take some getting used to ...

Chrysler Ypsilon: an all-round performer

If you like cars, then you will no doubt like the Chrysler Ypsilon: a vehicle that exhibits the very best of modern engineering and technology.

Small yet perfectly designed, the Ypsilon (a five door car with the style of a three door coupe) comes with three possible engine choices: the 1.2 8v Fire Evo (69bhp), the 0.9 8v Twin Air (85bhp) and the 1.3 16v Multijet (95bhp).

Depending on whether you'd prefer to prioritise fuel economy, emissions or performance, you have an array of options available to you and this is the classic sign of a fantastic new car. If you’re interested in investing in a vehicle like this then it’s important to take it for a test drive as even different models within the same range can feel different when out on the road thanks to their varying engine sizes and different cabin set-ups.

Internal comfort

Getting to grips with your car means more than adapting to its driving style – it means evaluating the internal comfort levels and establishing whether it is the right fit for you.

The Ypsilon also comes with a Magic Parking system and radar sensors, to make driving in congested spaces that bit easier, available on both the manual and automatic models. An interactive infotainment system will manage your hands-free system, media player and phone, so that you can concentrate on the road whilst keeping up to date with all your social goings-on and important work-related activities.

For those of you who are interested in design, this car can be personalised to look as you see fit, with two possible colours (both interior and exterior) available to the user, as well as in a range of fabrics and leathers.

Jeep Wrangler – another firm choice

As well as the Ypsilon, another car of interest might be the Wrangler: surely the ultimate off-road vehicle. A muscular car, this vehicle is designed to be able to tackle the best that nature can throw at it: storms, mud, hail, wind, driving rain, snow, sand – whatever terrain you plan to travel this vehicle can cope. A member of the Jeep family, originally designed for use by the military, you know that this car just doesn’t muck around and has plenty of strong credentials to match its bold and striking looks.

If you want to get serious and get off-road, just do it!