Survey Finds Half Of Youngsters Use Smartphone Apps Whilst Driving (Infographic)

A new survey has found that over half of young people admit to using their Smart-phone while driving with an alarming amount also admitting to reading text messages and using apps whilst on the road.

The Survey which was conducted by insurance firm Ingenie is in support of their campaign “Don’t Drive Distracted” which is urging 17 – 25 year olds to think about their behaviour behind the wheel.

The results (which you can see below) paint a worrying picture about young drivers attitudes towards other road users safety.

With the rise of technology in day-to-day life, more needs to be done to ensure that motorists are aware of the consequences they are facing every time they pick up their phone while driving.

Fifth Gear presenter and motoring expert Quentin Willson is supporting the campaign and has called for action after being shown the survey results…

These figures serve to underscore the simple fact that more must be done to educate inexperienced young drivers about the dangers of being complacent on the road. Being distracted behind the wheel, even for just a split second by a text message, can have life-changing or even fatal consequences.

To show your support for the campaign, use the hashtag #dontdrivedistracted.

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