Top 5 Cars Using Hybrid Technology

A hybrid car is one that uses more than one source of power, so in most cases that means a combination of electricity and either petrol or diesel. Hybrid cars have become increasingly popular in recent years as more people want to do their bit to protect the environment and also because they attract lower road tax bills. Some of these also offer the best cars for young drivers especially in terms of maintenance costs. Whatever your reason for buying a hybrid vehicle, whether you’re trying to save the planet or to save your money, there are many excellent models list of the top five.

Toyota Prius

Almost everyone has heard of this car and it is a very popular hybrid. One of its many attractions is that it can run from either petrol/diesel or electricity at any given time. Alternatively, it can also operate on only once source. This is enormously reassuring for anyone who worries about running out of one source of fuel, let alone two! Even better is the fact that the car can recycle any extra electricity created by the engine and store it in the battery.

Honda Insight

This is a popular hybrid, but one that cannot run on only one fuel source, it requires input from both sources all of the time (albeit to varying degrees). While this means it’s never going to be the quietest hybrid on the market, it does mean that it’s an extremely reliable run-around that’s pretty easy on the pocket. If style and silence are major considerations for you when buying a car, then this may not be the car for you. However, if fuel economy is top of your list, then this one is worth a second glance.

Chevrolet Volt

The Volt is powered by electric at all times and the engine only recharges the battery. This offers a cleaner drive, and it also saves worrying about battery wear on longer journeys. However, it is worth knowing that the engine can kick in even while stationary, which can give you a bit of a jump at the traffic lights. This is one of the less roomy hybrids as a lot of space is given up to the battery, so if you regularly have more than three passengers, you might want to look for something bigger.

Citroen Airdream DS5

Driving a hybrid doesn’t mean that you are limited to small cars. The Airdream DS5 offers a more luxurious option, with elegant and aerodynamic styling. Perfect for executives who want to save the environment without skimping on comfort or style or for drivers who want a more luxurious drive and plenty of room for four passengers.

Lexus CT200h

Another luxury option is the Lexus hybrid, which combines sleek lines with low carbon emissions. When using the electric option, there are zero emissions, leaving you with a clear conscience. Would-be hybrid drivers occasionally worry about having enough power to accelerate when overtaking. But the Lexus comes complete with an electric boost to give you the necessary oomph when needed. It is worth spending some time analysing your actual driving needs before going to look at hybrids. For example, someone who drives long distances will want to ensure that the power source is ultra-reliable and that the car can summon enough power to allow for acceleration and overtaking. But whatever your needs, you will easily find a hybrid to suit.