Why Are Whiplash Injuries So Controversial?

Whiplash injuries are some of the most controversial injuries when it comes to car accidents. Whiplash can range from mild to very severe, and can be deeply unpleasant and debilitating for the victims. Why then is whiplash so often linked to controversy in the news?

Whiplash is the ‘Fraud of Choice’

Whiplash is often referred to these days as the ‘fraud of choice’ in the UK. This is because of the widespread practice of fraudsters setting up car crashes and then claiming to be suffering from whiplash injuries in order to claim compensation.

This criminal practice is a serious problem for the country as a whole. False whiplash claims add a significant amount of money onto every car insurance premium because it is the car insurance customers who are paying for the fraud.

Cases of Whiplash Can Be Difficult to Prove

The reason that whiplash is often chosen by fraudsters is that it is incredibly difficult to prove the veracity of the claims. If someone is involved in a crash and then claims to be suffering from whiplash, it is difficult for medical practitioners to say with full conviction that they are making the injury up.

Whereas other injuries are often very apparent, whiplash is often completely concealed, and it comes down to the word of the patient. This means it can be easier for fraudsters to make a false claim for whiplash than it is for other types of injuries.

Changes May Be Coming

Such has been the outcry over false whiplash claims that there is now growing debate about introducing new laws to control whiplash fraud. This could involve forcing the victims to gather greater medical evidence to support their claims, including evidence from accredited doctors.

Genuine Whiplash Injuries Can Be Serious

Although the government is now taking a serious interest in tackling this very difficult type of fraud, it should be remembered that many people do become genuine victims of whiplash. Because of the bad image that whiplash has got over the years, there is a need to ensure that genuine victims are not put off from seeking compensation.

Seek Help to Make a Whiplash Claim

Anyone who does suffer from a genuine whiplash injury should never feel that they will not be believed if they make a claim. They have a right to make a claim for the injury that they suffer, which could prevent them from working or affect them in many other ways.

If you are involved in an accident and you suffer a whiplash injury, or any other type of injury for that matter, if you decide to make a claim for compensation then do not let the image of a particular injury like whiplash put you off doing so. It is unfortunate that whiplash has been singled out as the fraud of choice, but genuine victims should not let this bother them if they decide to make a claim.

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