Top 10 Life Saving Vehicle Safety Devices

We all enjoy the benefits of technology on a daily basis but we must also be sure to keep up with the latest safety practises that go with it. Let’s have a look at some of the most important vehicle safety devices available today.

1. Airbags

There are 2 types of airbag: side airbags and dual stage airbags. Dual airbags are for the front seat - one goes off in a small accident and other in a serious one. Side airbags protect everybody in the vehicle from injury.

This video demonstrartes how an airbag can save lives.

2. Override On/Off Switches

When children are in the car you should have an on/off switch so that you can override their controls in the back of the car.

3. Passenger Sensing System

This is there to help reduce injuries, even deaths of small children. This airbag tells the size of the passenger and then decides if it should go off in the event of a front crash. This is because in some cases, the force of a big airbag can do more damage to a small baby than no airbag at all.

4. Energy-Absorbing Steering System

This reduces rib injuries to the driver that are caused by being thrown forward in an accident.

5. Back Up Sensing System

This warns you if you are getting too close to anything so that an accident never happens. Depending on the model, they can work for front, back and sides.

6. Electro-chromatic Mirror/Auto Dimming Mirrors

This darkens the vehicles mirrors to reduce the reflection of headlights at night. It helps reduce accidents. It is also useful to people who are sensitive to light or easily distracted by glare.

7. Head Restraints

Whiplash and head injuries are the most common in accidents. The head restraints are on the top of front seats to hold back the head lessening the risk of neck and head injuries during accidents.

8. Heads up Display

While driving you should never take your eyes away from the road. All of do this occasionally. We do have to look away and check the speed and other controls but it should be as brief as possible. It only takes a second for an accident to occur. The heads up display puts all the information you need across the bottom of the windshield, reducing the time needed to look away from the road.

9. Padded Knee Bolster

In car accidents, the most common injuries are knee injuries. A padded knee bolster can reduce the risk of such injuries to a great extend. This device will keep all the passengers and the driver in the proper positions so that the chances of injury are lessened. In case of an accident, this will prevent the passengers from sliding below the instrument panel and getting trapped or injured.

10. Seatbelts

Seatbelts should need no introduction but their importance means they are always worth a mention. All vehicles should be equipped with rear and front seatbelts that cross your belly and your shoulders. It is recommended that all seat belts are equipped with locking technology to ensure passengers do not fly forward in case of a head-on collision or sudden breaking.

There have been several hard hitting adverts in the the last decade that raised the awareness of wearing beat selts when in a vehicle such as this one:

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All the above are highly recommended for safe driving but we should never forget the basics of road safety:
  • Keep your eyes on the road Drive slowly and sensibly 
  • Take breaks regularly 
  • Don’t drive when under the influence of alcohol or any other substances 
  • Pay attention to road signs, traffic reports and drivers and pedestrians around you.