Review of Las Vegas SEMA car show

The SEMA Show which takes place in the Las Vegas Convention Centre is probably most impressive aftermarket automotive trade show held anywhere in the world. SEMA stands for 'Specialty Equipment Market Association' which is a tame version of its original name, the Speed Equipment Market Association. The show attracts automotive professionals from every corner of the planet who come to view some of its amazing exhibits including highly sought-after and innovative products. Around 135,000 came to Las Vegas for the 2013 SEMA Show, which was the 50th time it had been held.

While the products on display and the exhibits are certainly the main focus of the show, there are many additional activities too. In fact the whole place takes on a kind of carnival atmosphere. There are many official events, parties and presentations, but no doubt many of the exhibitors and visitors take a little time out to enjoy some of the many delights that are available in Vegas and indulge themselves on the gaming tables and slot parlours in many of the casinos. Who can blame them for it? In many of the countries that field delegates there aren’t any casinos, so why not make hay while the sun shines? Saying this, Lucky Nugget slot machines offer many opportunities to gamble before your actual arrival to Las Vegas. This gives you the chance to practice and increase your chances to win.

Some of the top exhibits include the F-350, a Ford Eco-Trek built to tour the world. It uses algae-derived biodiesel and includes including solar panels along with a tent.

An altogether different kind of vehicle is the Rothian Kosmic Outcast created by Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle, a perfect example of a 60s style hot rod.

There are so many fast and muscle cars that it is difficult to single any out, but there are plenty of examples of the original pony car, the iconic Ford Mustang. SEMA 2014 is still a long way away, but already the rumour mill is running.