5 cool driving breaks in Europe this summer

With the summer just around the corner, it's the perfect time to take a road trip and Europe has some of the finest driving roads in the World. The five we have selected to feature in this post are guaranteed to take your breath away.

1. Malaga to Antequera, Spain 

The roads north of Malaga in the Ronda region are a joy to drive on. The sunshine is almost guaranteed so it's perfect for a soft top drive and take in the spectacular mountain scenery that surrounds you.

Take the C345 from Malaga towards Antequera and then head west to Ronda, eventually heading south to the coast for a perfect circular tour. This following map shows the most direct route and doesn't include the trip to Ronda.

We recommend stopping at the white rocks at El Torcal for amazing scenic views.

2. Raticosa and Futa passes, Italy  

The Raticosa Pass is the equally as stunning as the famous Futa Pass - both passes include dozens of hairpins and incredible views are are on the road that links Bologna with Florence that has now been bypassed by the A1 autostrada.

A big bonus is that you’re near Maranello, the home of Ferrari (http://museo.ferrari.com), and you can pay a visit to the museum while you’re in the area.

3. Route Napoleon, France

Route Napoléon first opened in 1932 and it follows the route taken by Napoléon in 1815 on his march from Elba to Grenoble with the intention to overthrow Louis the 18th. The historical aspect makes of this road and the fabulous scenery and views make this one of the ultimate driving roads in the World. It combines s a mixture of everything from fast straights to hairy corners and most of the journey you’re in the foothills of the Alps.

You cannot miss the chance of a slight detour to the Gorges du Verdon which is Europe’s answer to the Grand Canyon.

Gorges du Verdon

4. Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austria

This super scenic road used to be the one that Porsche used to test its early sports cars (which were built nearby in Gmund).

The road is named after the Großglockner, Austria's highest mountain and is a toll road, with the northern toll booth at Ferleiten (near Fusch) and the southern near Heiligenblut.

5. Route 500 Schwarzwald Hochstrasse / Black Forest / Germany

Head for the road numbered 500 that leads south out of Baden Baden towards the Swiss border. This road takes you through the Black Forest past stunning mountains and beautiful pine forests.

Driving in Europe Tips

Breakdown Cover

Breakdowns never happen at convenient times and it pays to be protected in advance and can be pricey affairs. For peace of mind check out the breakdown cover available from the AA who cover over 40 countries across Europe.


Check with your insurer to make sure you have the cover you need when driving abroad. They may ask to be notified when you travel abroad or provide only third party cover when you do.

Documents to take
  • valid full (not provisional) driving licence
  • driving licence paper counterpart – if you have a photocard licence
  • an International Driving Permit (when necessary)
  • vehicle registration document (V5c) – the original not a copy
  • motor insurance certificate
  • passport(s)
  • your travel insurance documents
  • you may need a visa for certain countries too.


Don't leave handbags or other attractive items in view at any time, even when you are in the car.
Contact the Foreign Office Travel Advice Unit for crime and personal safety advice before you travel.

Drinking and driving

If you drink, don't drive. Laws are strict and the penalties severe.