Driving Sunglasses Review - Oakley Holbrook

I'm real fussy when it comes to what sunglasses I wear when driving. I've had aviators, wayfarers and wrap arounds over the years but this year I wanted to try out some polarised sunglasses. One big reason for this is because tests show that drivers stop quicker when wearing polarised lenses and when faced with a sudden obstacle. These days I often drive around with precious cargo - my two young boys so safety is a big consideration for me.

After much deliberation, I went with Oakley as I love their brand and style of glasses. As soon as I tried on Oakley Holbrook polarises sunglasses I loved them. Love the cool design, they are so comfortable and the difference with the polarised lenses is simply amazing. No more sun glare as the polarised lenses filter out every ray of UV giving clarity and protection. I live by the coast and these lenses give the sea and the sky so much more detail which is fantastic.

For anyone looking to buy a pair of driving sunglasses, I'd highly recommend Oakley polarised sunglasses to anyone.

For Ferrari fans, you might want to check out the Ferrari sunglasses collection here. The Oakley Scuderia sunglasses look pretty cool. Happy driving!