Why Mini Coopers Are Cool Cars

The Mini Cooper, so fun, versatile and so much choice. Today we have the Mini Cooper hatchback and convertible, three-door Mini (Clubman), a roadster Mini, a cargo van Mini (Clubvan), a two-seat coupe Mini, a two-door SUV-like Mini (Paceman) and a four-door SUV Mini (Countryman). The Mini Cooper is still as popular as ever but why? Here are some possible reasons....

Lennon bought a Rolls. George Harrison bought a cooper (1967). 

Macca had one too!

parking...no worries

twin engine? you go it! 

Stretch it out

do a back flip

or a ski jump

give as a gift

take a short-cut

give it a paint job

getting them fixing is easy and cheap

dead easy to drive...even a dog can...

attract attention

get a Union Jack roof

steampunk it

take a dip

get one for your son

when old enough, retire it to the museum 

or turn it into a desk

start a taxi service

give it a good wash

and dress it up