Hydrogen Power! Introducing The New FCV From Toyota

Toyota have caused a stir in the motor industry as they have announced and revealed the addition of the FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) to their range using hydrogen to power the car. It’s fierce yet eye catching exterior is set to seduce any car lover and make them curious as to what it can offer. Sales are to begin in Japan before April 2015, with Europe and the U.S next in line to stock the car.

 A vehicle which runs off hydrogen may not appeal to everyone, but Toyota have certainly emphasised their commitment to environmentally friendly vehicles with the FCV. Running of hydrogen allows Toyota to promote the fact that when in use the FCV emits no CO2 or harmful substances - a truly eco-friendly drive has been created.

The car is kitted with a ‘fuel cell’ which generates electricity to power the car. The electricity is created by a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen - the electricity being an alternative fuel. Toyota have claimed the FCV has an impressive 310 mile range and only requires a 5 minute re-filling time, a figure which is significantly less than other zero emission cars in the automotive industry.

This following video from the LA Entertainment Summit provides a great overview of the Toyota FCV and talks about Hydrogen

Sleek and contemporary, the exterior of the car is kind to the eye and will most definitely look the part when on the roads. A similar theme continues to the inside of the car with every aspect having a futuristic look. Passengers are set to experience a comfortable ride due to the generous amount of leg room and space which has been created, making it the ideal mid-sized family car.

Its clear Toyota has implemented a technology intense cabin with features including; a twin screen display that operates other functionalities of the car, along with a 3d map and smartphone connectivity. Also present is Toyotas newest generation Driver awareness technology - claiming to help the driver work in harmony with the vehicle and establish a safer driving experience.

This intriguing design Toyota have created is clearly set to grab the interest of those in the motor industry, as well as those who have a strong commitment and dedication to the environment. If you fall in to either category or have a general interest in this polished new look Toyota are proud to present, why not visit www.burrowsmotorgroup.co.uk to satisfy your desire to find out more or visit the Toyota FCV section of their website.