How To Find The Perfect Car To Fix Up And Mod

For many car enthusiasts, the perfect car is a labour of love. More than just a method of transportation, many consider their vehicle an extension of themselves. This sentiment is especially true for car enthusiasts who mod their rides, never overlooking the most finite details and customisations. Whether you’re planning on overhauling the engine, lowering the suspension or simply wanting to add cosmetic features, finding the perfect car to work on is easier than ever.

The big question is, how do you find that perfect make and model to call your own? In the past, people in this situation had to either scour through car lots or rely on fellow car enthusiasts for leads on available cars for sale. Both options limit the number of opportunities to find the ideal used car, let alone buy one. There are certain makes and models that have the capacity to stand the test of time both at a performance level and at a style level. Just like a crisp white shirt, the perfect vintage car never goes out of style.

The Subaru Imprezza WRX is a fan favourite when it comes to modded vehicles in terms of performance and style, but parts can be expensive.
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 Here are a couple of modded WRX's sourced from Wikipedia:

Many will agree however, that Honda Civics are the best choice for fixing up and working on used cars. The car is simply the perfect blank canvas, in which you can add upgrades for speed, exhaust, style and engine power. Check out the Bugatti styled Civic...

However new cars are expensive and can lead to demanding leasing deals that stretch on for years, at which time your car has already decreased in value. If you’re looking to upgrade your ride, consider going online to find the raw material.

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Online used car sites like Kijiji have a variety of cars and trucks that would be the perfect foundation for your new customised car. For example, a quick Google search of the best used Honda cars for sale in Toronto and the GTA will show premium Honda used cars, certified and E-tested, for as little as $1,800.

Once you’re able to purchase a reliable, efficient vehicle from an online seller, the limits of what you can do to your new car are endless, stopped only by your imagination. When it comes to originality and your car, there are endless possibilities of customising your ride, from the colour of the paint job to your choice of spoiler to the sound of your engine.

Popular culture (such as shows like Pimp My Ride and the movie series The Fast And The Furious) depict car customisation as mostly aesthetic – grills, hydraulics, a flashy paint job. But there are also ways to hack your engine for faster speeds and better exhaust, all in the name of getting the vehicle you would never be able to buy wholesale.

All in all, finding the perfect car is no easy task. Use the online buyers market to purchase an affordable foundation that you can build upon in your personal modifications. You’ll have the best of both worlds – a brand name vehicle you trust and recognise but one that no one else will have seen before.