Sponsored Video: What David Really Saw (After Dentist)

Chances are you've seen the hilarious viral video of the little boy, David, who's in the backseat as Dad drives him home from the dentist.

Poor David is trying to make heads or tails of his world as the effects of the feel-good medicine the dentist gave him begin to wear off.

If you haven't seen it, watch it over on YouTube here.

Bosch have created their own take on it and they've done a great job of interspersing events that help put David's reactions in context. In other words, you'll finally understand why David insists he has two fingers! Bosch also makes a great case for buying their window wipers!

See David's confusion explained by a granny kissing the car's windshield to within an inch of its life, then see the Bosch wipers make the lipstick disappear in one swish. There's monsters, snowmen and more. I could go into a lot more detail, but see it for yourself here:

Besides being funny, Bosch is marketing their Aerotwin with Power Protection Plus wipers. The Aerotwin with Power Protection Plus is amazingly versatile, combining fifteen different lengths and with four adapters, will fit ten different arms. This is six more than currently available with the multi-clip.

The blades are quick and easy to install. Designed for newer cars, it's as simple as choosing the right adapter, clipping on the blade and then put them together.

So do yourself two favours - watch David After the Dentist, then watch Bosch's take on it, and check out their Aerotwin wipers for your vehicle.

This post has been sponsored by Bosch, but all thoughts are our own.