Want To Make Your Car Go Faster? 10 Ways To Enhance A Cars Performance

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One of the most popular questions we are often asked is what can you do to make your car go faster. Well, to help answer this, here are 10 tips to enhance you cars performance:

1. Install An Air Induction System

Your car gets its power by mixing air with fuel, and then burning it to produce horsepower. The more cool and dense air that your engine can pull in, the more power it will produce, and the faster your car will drive. An air induction system allows the engine to pull in more cool air. This system is bolted directly onto the car and can be installed in one afternoon.

2. Upgrade To An Electric Fan

The fan is needed to draw air through the radiator to keep your vehicle's engine cool. Most older cars come with a mechanical fan that uses the engine's power and a fan belt to run. These fans draw in a significantly large amount of horsepower from the engine, which will prevent your vehicle from driving faster. Replace the mechanical fan with an aftermarket electric fan to free up some of that horsepower so you can drive your car faster.

3. Upgrade Your Carburetor

A carburetor mixes gasoline and air together so it becomes a vapor that can be burned inside the engine. It's typically found on older vehicles. Newer cars and trucks are equipped with fuel injection, and don't have a carburetor under the hood. A great way to increase the speed of your vehicle is to upgrade from a 2-barrel carburetor to a 4-barrel carburetor. When you make this upgrade, you'll also have to install a new intake manifold. It can be a little expensive to make this upgrade, but the increase in speed will be very noticeable.

4. Convert To An Electric Fuel Pump

Mechanical fuel pumps are known to rob power from a car's engine, thus not allowing a vehicle to reach it's optimum speed. When you convert to an electric fuel pump, more power will reach your drive wheels and your car will go faster. Keep in mind that an electric fuel pump and fan will draw extra power from your batter and alternator, so you'll want to upgrade those also.

5. Tune the Racechip

Tuning the racechip in your vehicle will make it accelerate faster, provide safer overtaking, and has a more direct response as you maneuver your car. When the Racechip is removed, all the software remains in place but there is no evidence left behind.

6. Convert To Fuel Injection

If you have a 4-barrel carburetor but your car still isn't fast enough, you can always upgrade to fuel injection. Since fuel injection is electronic and not mechanical, it is more precise. Your car will have better fuel economy and your car's engine will have more horsepower.

7. Improve Exhaust System Efficiency

The way exhaust leaves your vehicle's engine is just as important as getting more air and fuel into the engine, when you're looking at ways to increase performance and speed. One thing you can do is replace the exhaust manifolds with “Headers” to improve the weakest link in the exhaust system. Don't install a second tail pipe on your car unless you also install a second catalytic converter. The only way to see better performance is to have a true dual exhaust system. Just make sure you check with the local laws because most areas have rules governing the amount of noise a vehicle can produce. These laws include specific information about removing catalytic converters.

8. Install A Turbo Charger

Turbo chargers are stock on most diesel engines, but they can also be used on gasoline engines to improve performance. This upgrade will also require you to modify the exhaust system and air intake system, so it can get pricey and can be time consuming.

9. Add Nitrous Oxide To Your Air And Fuel

Adding nitrous oxide to the air and fuel mixture inside your car's engine makes it more explosive and significantly increases horsepower. You can get a NOS system for any type of car or truck. If you're looking a big punch, then choose a NOS system that has several different points that inject nitrous oxide into the intake manifold. Make sure you are familiar with the laws surrounding nitrous oxide in your state.

10. Install A Supercharger

A supercharger compresses the air fuel mixture to make it denser, and then basically shoves it down the engine's throat. The installation of a supercharger will instantly add a huge amount of power to your engine in an instant. They also look pretty impressive, since traditional superchargers stick out of the hood. There are several different types of superchargers to fit all types of engines. Some are so powerful, they can only be used on V-8 engines. Today, there are even low-profile superchargers that stay nicely tucked away under the hood. There are many laws surrounding superchargers, so make sure you can legally install one in your vehicle before you buy one.