SCANIA’s Wearable Tech Ahead Of Its Time - Sponsored Video

For people who love the idea of being on the cutting edge of technology, the Scania watch is an interesting option that deserves a second look. This smart watch as a sleek aesthetic that is sure to impress anyone who loves cutting edge technology, but more than just looks, it offers a unique functionality.

Branding itself as the first part of your truck that you can wear, the Scania watch offers the user stats on fuel consumption and fuel efficiency trends among other things. One of the most notable features of this watch at first glance is the driver score, a set of metrics that are designed to improve the driver and the truck's performance. For drivers who always want to stay on top of their game, these metrics offer critique and advice that is sure to send performance higher.

For long distance truckers, one of the best features will be the simple timing function. The Scania watch keeps careful track of time spent on the road, and it warns the trucker very clearly when it is time to pull over and to find a place for the night. For people who want to make sure that they don't get penalised for driving when they should not be, this is a tool.

Perhaps one of the most exciting promises made by the Scania watch is the fact that it is just the beginning of an exciting line of tools. As more things enter the digital arena, more and more options are available for people who want to improve their performance, and this watch is just the start.

From the very first glance, experienced truckers will look at the Scania watch and see a high-tech solution for some very pervasive problems in their work. Consider whether this watch is the next step for you!

To find out more about this gadget, check out this video:

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