Johnson: Harvick is still the one to watch for Sprint Cup

Following his recent third win of 2015, NASCAR legend Jimmie Johnson remains as humble as ever despite his success on the tracks of late. The 39-year-old had fewer than 10 laps to go when he drove through Turn 3 of the Kansas Speedway at the recent SpongeBob SquarePants event and it became apparent that victory was his. Describing how he was looking in rear-view mirror in the race’s final leg, he said: “Sometimes you can tell what the masses are going to do, if they’re looking at pit road or not.

“Usually [voice crew chief] Chad Knaus gives me some indication early in Turn 3 what he’s going to do, and he didn’t really say much, so I knew he was thinking hard, and I could see most guys were favoring down and trying to find their way onto the apron. It just dawned on me.”

Hence, a split-second decision led Johnson to the 73rd win of his career and more adoration from loyal fans. But that doesn’t stop him from being modest however, and now, he has advised NASCAR fans that Kevin Harvick may be the one to watch.

Johnson said: “I still think he's the car to beat right now. I mean, he qualifies better than we do. We're finding ways to win races, but I just think that they have a bit more control of their own destiny right now.”

Indeed, Harvick may in fact be the man to place a wager on, and with sites like Bettingsports offering so many bonuses, it is no wonder that NASCAR fans may be turning their attentions towards Harvick. He has two more top 10 wins that Johnson and a marked statistical edge in qualifying, with an average of 8.4 compared to Johnson’s 16.4.

However, what the two do have in common are their engines – they both drive the Chevrolet SS, with Johnson racing for Hendrick Motorsports and Harvick for Stewart-Hass Racing. Both have fared extremely well with this engine, and it could be thanks to the innovative new technologies as introduced by the model in January this year.

The Generation 6, it has been claimed, will “change the face of racing,” largely thanks to its improved safety considerations, reduced weight and a small block V-8 engine. The cars are now two years in the making and today’s models are largely considered to be the best for racing.

Whoever we have our eye on for NASCAR, it seems the real key to success is the innovative technology that continues to evolve in the world of motorsports.