3 Cool Cars From Bentley, Porsche & Audi

Always wanted to drive away in a cool luxury car, but didn’t think you could afford one? Well with car leasing you can drive away in a luxury car that you might not have been able to afford if you bought it outright.

We’ve picked three of our favourite luxury cars that would make great lease car choices if you want to travel in some serious style and can afford the monthly payments.

Audi R8 Spyder

If you’re looking for a supercar which has everything you could want from a luxury motor, then the R8 is for you. It has some all-round incredible performance but is still surprisingly practical. There are two engines available with the R8, both of which are astonishingly fast; the V8 and V10. These engines give the R8 power to get from 0-62 in under 5 seconds, along with super slick gear shifting.

When you’re cruising along at breakneck speeds, you don’t have to worry about traction and grip, because the R8 has tonnes of it, including some nicely firm suspension, which makes it a thrilling drive. The only two downsides are that the cabin design is starting to look a little dated, and the running costs are pretty expensive too. It’s still a beautiful and classy supercar though.

Porsche 911 Coupe

Autoexpress says that ‘no other sports car can match the over half a century heritage of the Porsche 911’, and we definitely agree. You can get some serious performance from the 911, and it feels more luxurious than the R8, with tight body control and an extraordinarily comfortable drive. The interior far more plush and modern than the R8, with beautifully finished and high quality materials throughout.

There’s a good amount of room in the boot for storage too, although the backseats are a bit too squashed for rear passengers to be comfortable. Don’t let that put you off though, because the 911 is an all-round stunning car, and a joy to drive. It’s grippy with some super sharp steering, and also comes with some fantastic extras, although you may have to pay a bit extra to get them.

Bentley Continental GT Coupe

The Continental is effortlessly classy, and gives drivers the chance to travel in real luxury. Its prestigious image is well-known, and it manages to keep its traditional looks whilst embracing a modern style. However, it doesn’t come cheap! It has a super-fast and incredibly powerful V8 engine, but it’s a bit too big and heavy to be as fast a supercar as the 911 or R8. However, the Continental gives you all the comfort and luxury you could need.

The interior is incredibly luxurious and all of the materials have been carefully finished with wood and leather. It’s also incredibly spacious, much more so than a lot of the other supercars on offer, so there’s room to relax inside. An added bonus is that the Continental includes loads of gadgets and tech to keep you occupied, from climate and cruise control, to satnav and an elaborate stereo system.