The right car for you: key considerations on buying your next vehicle

Choosing the right car will always be a difficult task. There are so many manufacturers, models, and designs, not to mention the fact that more are released every year! 

So, what kind of questions should you ask yourself to ensure you don’t make a huge mistake? Here are just a handful to give your confidence a boost…

What do you need it for?

How you intend to use your car is hugely important. What kind of lifestyle do you have? If you’re part of a young couple wanting to start a family, it’s best that you consider the future and buy a larger car that’s well-known for its safety features, in case your first child arrives sooner than expected. 

Or instead, are you looking for a commuter vehicle? In which case, comfort and fuel efficiency will be crucial points of interest in cars for you. After answering these kinds of questions, you should have a clear checklist in mind.

What’s your budget?

You may have narrowed things down to brands and models that suit your needs, but there’s no point looking at BMW or Audi if you can’t afford their rates. While you’ll definitely be able to get more for your money looking at used cars, it’s crucial you stick within your budget. What should that be? 

Look at what you can afford in terms of the initial price tag, the insurance (and whether it will be paid monthly or yearly), the MOT and service charges, road tax and the monthly running costs. Although the temptation is to get a new, more expensive car on finance, in the long-term it can be a money pit, and the payments are often completely unsustainable.

Have you considered additional costs?

As just stated above, there are additional costs like insurance and so on to consider when buying your car, but did you know that new cars are more expensive to insure than older vehicles? It stands to reason that the more the car is worth, the higher the cost to insure it to cover any repair work. 

Aside from this, insurers recently hit the headlines with the news that due to compensation changes, premiums are set to soar – it has never been more important to save where you can. You should also factor in things like petrol and parking costs if you’re a commuter, as this can easily push your monthly outgoings up considerably.

Do you care about the latest gadgets?

Finally, what’s more important to you: style or substance? If you’re only interested in having the latest GPS system and the coolest interior design of a car, then a new car is the only option for you. In fact, you’ll be able to have it custom-made from the manufacturer. 

However, if you care more about having a good quality car and more money in your pocket, opt for used cars from a reputable manufacturer and dealer, and you’ll get far more for your money.