The used car market is booming. During uncertain economic times courtesy of Brexit, and troubled Global markets, people are now less-inclined to buy a brand new vehicle. Instead, people are becoming wise to the fact that used cars can actually represent a very astute purchase.

People change their cars every 4-5 years on average. Therefore there are plenty of relatively new cars in good condition waiting to be snapped up.

The good news for the used car buyer is that significant depreciation is seen in a brand new car’s value (often 20 -30%) the moment it is driven off the garage forecourt. Therefore, remarkable savings can be made on original list prices – and you are still getting the same car!

Tips on Buying a Used Car

As with any significant purchase in life, it’s crucial to do your homework first. The used car market can be a minefield unless you research properly and have an understanding about what you are looking for.

First of all, it is advisable to find a reliable and trustworthy used car retailed. For example, Motorpoint offers buyers excellent service, meaning the leg-work is done for you and you can buy your car safe in the knowledge that you are buying what is described.

Because of their popularity and prevalence on the used car market, hatchbacks generally represent very good value for money as second-hand vehicles.

However, don’t expect your ‘new’ used car to be perfect – there will inevitably be some wear and tear. But the great news is that if you buy from a trusted car retailer, the price will generally reflect this. Also, you can save a lot of money by carrying out your own car maintenance. Youtube tutorials can help you to do this, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds.

Here’s our pick of…

The Three Best Second-Hand Hatchbacks Money Can Buy


Vauxhall Adam

The Adam is a stylish, modern 3-door hatchback with a bubble-like futuristic look. Perfect for small families and as a commuting car.


Peugeot 208

Peugeot’s offering is a 5-door with all the mod-cons. A bit more practical than the Vauxhall, the Peugeot offers style as well as substance with its spacious, family-friendly interior.


Toyota Aygo

The Aygo is a nippy little car. It’s only 1.0 litre but its compact size means it still manages to deliver on power. It has 5 doors – great for a small family.

Whatever car you are looking for, there is a great selection available, meaning there is something for you – your budget and your needs. Are you looking for a used second-hand car?