If you are selling your car, there are certain things you must do before to maximise your chance of getting the most money. Follow these three tips to make the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

1: Organise all relevant paperwork

When selling a car privately, a certain amount of paperwork must be exchanged between the car owner and the buyer. Firstly, make sure you have these three pieces of paperwork:

  • owner’s handbook
  • the service history logbook (and receipts)
  • MOT certificate

When you are in the process of selling the car, you must send the V5C (registered proof of ownership) to the DVLA before passing the relevant section to the new buyer. Ensure that you write a receipt and copy one for your record keeping.

2: Fix any repairs before selling

If you know your car requires some mechanical or repair work, either declare the issues or have a mechanic complete the repairs.

3: First impressions – make your car look awesome

Nobody wants to buy a dirty or messy car – it’s all about first impressions. Whether you turn up to a car dealership wanting the most for your vehicle if part exchanging or if you’re selling second hand – you need to impress. If they think you’ve not taken good care of your car, they will instantly knock money off it.

So before you take it to a garage or get people turning up to look at your car, you need to get your car looking the best it can – this is when car detailing is your best bet.

There are lots of professional car detailing products available to buy, our favourite is Auto Finesse detailing products

The ideal detailing method would look like this:

Wheels – always clean the wheels first, as they are covered in lots of brake dust. Use a brush to reach the more difficult areas.

Pre-clean – use a pre cleaner that breaks up stubborn grime. This helps remove tough dirt ready to be washed.

Pre-wash – use a snow foam to remove loose dirt and soften more ground in dirt that will lift off when you wash it.

Contact wash – use a good car shampoo and wash mitt to remove the dirt that has been softened by the pre-washing methods.

Decontaminate – spray a decontaminate over your wheels and paintwork. This will dissolve any fall out or dust fused to the paintwork. Once you have done this step, wash and rinse again.

Dry – using a car drying towel, remove all excess water so the vehicle is dry and ready to be polished.

Polish – polishing by hand will do the job well. An all-in-one polish will be perfect!

Tyre dressing – now they’re all clean, applying a tyre dressing will give your tyres the wet tyre look.

Glass – the final touch is to use glass cleaner to remove any light scratches or fingerprints left on the windows.

Don’t forget under the bonnet – open your bonnet and give it a clean so it’s dirt and dust free. This will put you in a great position to get the most money as it shows you’ve taken good care of your car. There are specific engine bay detailing products you can buy to help.

No rubbish anywhere – Make sure your car is empty with no rubbish anywhere. Vacuum your boot and all carpet areas.Make sure you’ve binned all the rubbish from compartments and removed any personal items. Remember to leave the logbook, spare key and your locking wheel nut in a place the dealer will be able to find it.

By actioning these simple things such as detail cleaning your car and making sure it’s empty inside can make a real difference when trying to get most money for selling your car. It’s worth putting in the hours to ensure your car looks its best.


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