If you were lucky enough to have a good teacher when you began to drive, you were probably always told to pay attention to the Check Engine light. The light coming on, you were told, designated a serious problem and it was time to get help right away.

It’s true that the Check Engine light is an indicator of serious problems, though that’s not always the case.

Here are 5 reasons the light might blink on in your car.

  1. A Loose or Defective Gas Cap. A gas cap that doesn’t seal properly allows gasoline fumes to be released into the air. If the cap is damaged it’s an easy fix, just look up online auto parts and order your replacement cap in minutes.
  2. A Battery Issue. Under certain circumstances, such as low voltage from corrosion of connective wires or terminals, the Check Engine light will blink on due to a battery issue, in which case it’s worth checking out car battery coupons for a good price.
  3. A Bad Catalytic Converter. An outdated catalytic converter can cause your engine to run at a higher temperature and results in poorer performance and fuel economy.
  4. Old Spark Plugs. Any loss of spark plug capability will affect engine performance and may cause damage to the catalytic converter. This is an inexpensive fix, so it’s best to replace the plugs before additional harm results.
  5. A Faulty Oxygen Sensor. This vital component measures the amount of unburned oxygen in the vehicle’s exhaust system. A bad sensor lowers fuel economy and can damage other engine parts.

Take Care of the Problem

If your Check Engine light comes on you may have to ask a friend “where can I find auto parts near me? Your initial reaction might be one of worry, but in many cases it will be a relatively easy fix. It’s always best to take care of the problem right away before things get worse. You can buy engine parts online from websites such as euspares.co.uk site