Anyone involved in selling Ford cars anywhere in the world will inevitably be asked on a regular basis “which is the single best Ford ever made?” Suffice to say that with hundreds of incredible models under the brand’s belt, it’s a pretty difficult question to answer with one single Ford model. Instead, you’re more likely to be handed a list of amazing Ford models – most of which you’ll sadly not be able to pick up from pretty much any of today’s dealers. I couldn’t stroll into my local Ford car dealers in Dorset for example and ask for a 1964 Mustang unfortunately…I’d love to, but it isn’t going to happen…although there is one family car on this list below which would be available, see if you can spot it.

Here is a quick look at eight of the most outstanding Ford cars of all time that are more than worth tracking down, if of course you have the time and money to spare!

1964/1965 Ford Mustang

The fact that the 1965 Ford Mustang was essentially a Ford Falcon wearing a pretty dress makes the car’s success to date all the more impressive. It is still debated to this day as to whether the very first Mustang was a 1964 or 1965 model, but according to the VIN, it was in fact a 1965 car.

Ford GT40

The original Ford GT 40 was an absolute stunner in its day and was only built to the tune of 135 units. And not only is it incredibly rare, it is considered to be the best racing car of all time.

Check out the engine sound on this bad boy!

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

An absolute legend of the pickup truck world, each and every year since the introduction of the F-150, Ford has somehow managed to make it even better and an even more impressive success by way of hard sales.

2015 Ford Torino GT

A hotly anticipated car that is widely expected to become one of the most highly demanded muscle cars of the last couple of decades at least, the 2015 Ford Torino GT is the perfect example of that elusive combination of ferocious raw power and genuinely outstanding elegance.

1955 Ford Thunderbird (T-Bird)

Here’s another classic example of precisely why so many Ford purists find it so unfortunate that the automaker had to change its design aesthetic so much over the years. Quite simply, the 1955 Ford Thunderbird is an absolute stunner in every way. The Ford Thunderbird is also known as the T-Bird…I’ve only just dawned on me that the T-Birds in the movie Grease were named after this car 🙂

Ford Consul Capri 

Yes, it might be controversial to call this little beauty the coolest and best looking British Ford car ever made, but at the same time there is no denying its unique charm. Those sweeping lines and graceful curves were unlike anything anyone had ever seen before and remain legendary in the eyes of Ford fans even today.

2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R

Last but not least, just to show that the guys at Ford still know what they’re doing when it comes to churning out an absolute leviathan, the 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R is quite simply one of the most breathtaking and unstoppable muscle cars ever produced. Guaranteed to tear up the track and wipe up the floor with the competition, to say that pundits are excited about its arrival would be a huge understatement.

Ford S-Max

And finally, last but not certainly not least we have a sensible affordable car! Of course it’s not as if you can realistically trade off the Ford S-Max against the examples above in pure style and performance stakes, but when it comes to that tricky balance between good looks and practicality, the Ford S-Max was nonetheless something of a game changer.

When I had to sell my 2 seater sports car and buy a family car with the birth of our first son back in 2011, the Ford S-Max is the family car we bought…and it’s still going strong today. It’s a very reliable and cool looking family car compared to other MPV’s on the market…it’s very roomy inside and surprisingly quick!