It might not sound overly exciting, but safety behind the wheel should be the number one concern for all road users. Up to 50 million people suffer major injuries due to road accidents every single year with over one million losing their lives. Given that it’s impossible to gain invincibility, the best thing you can do is ensure that the odds of encountering a crash are lower than ever. Sadly, many drivers put themselves at needlessly high risks as a result of very basic errors. Here are five that you must not ignore.

Source: Safety comes first. Always.


1| Distracted Driving

Even if you’re a naturally talented driver, keeping your eyes on the road at all times is essential. After all, it only takes a second for dangerous situations to occur. Being aware of the 10 most common distractions will have a greater benefit than any advanced driving course. Most importantly, you must avoid using smartphones while driving. Aside from being illegal, this is the biggest distraction of all.


2| Tired Driving

In addition to distracted driving, you should be aware of the threats that tired diving brings. This is shown to be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. Anti-sleeping devices can be used to prevent you drifting off. However, if you find yourself getting tired on long journeys, taking a break may be the best solution. This could mean bulling into a station or even a motel for the night. It may seem frustrating, but it’s better than having a crash.


3| Faulty Car

Purchasing a great car is vital, but you’ll also need to think about the long-term safety. A lack of maintenance can see the vehicle become faulty and unsafe. Whether it’s an issue related to the brakes, tires, or suspension doesn’t matter. A speedy and efficient auto repair job is the only way to keep your car in the best health for years to come. Besides, this can reduce the ongoing running costs. Just remember to get the seat belts and other features checked too.

Source: Protect the car, and it will protect you.


4| Ignoring Weather Conditions

The weather can play havoc with the car’s performance. Most people appreciate the dangers of driving in snow and challenging winter climates. However, the summer can be equally testing due to the hot tarmac, engine temperatures and fluid needs. When added to the impact that the heat can have on you and your passengers, it’s clear that this aspect needs major attention. If your vehicle is parked outside at night, you should also think about the influence that those falling temperatures can bring.   


5| Lack Of Preparation

Even with the various precautions in place, there are no guarantees of safety behind the wheel. Therefore, it becomes equally crucial to think about the preparations that can be taken. A good road safety breakdown coverage is a great starting point. Meanwhile, you’ll want to have a first aid kit, jump cables, and essentials in the trunk. Knowing that you are ready to deal with most situations in a fast and effective manner will put many of your fears to bed.