Chevrolet Suburban Vs Removal Company: Which One Is Most Helpful?

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There was a time when you could fit all your belongings in the back of a tiny car and just drive to your next student accommodation, or back to your parents’ house for the summer. Unfortunately, it seems that the older you get, the more stuff you collect. Suddenly moving day is too much work for your little car; you’d be lucky if you managed to move all your stuff in two trips with help from a friend with a slightly bigger car. There are two solutions to this; you can get a car with huge trunk space and leave your furniture behind, or you can hire guys with a van like all grown ups do. How does a Chevrolet Suburban compare to any removal company?

Chevrolet Suburban


Massive trunk space: The Suburban boasts more than 120 cubic feet of cargo space, so it can fit many packing boxes for a secure journey – especially if you put your Tetris skills to good use. Whether you’re transporting boxes or bed frames, there’s still plenty of room for passengers to sit comfortably up front, and help with the lifting once the journey is over.
Massive engine: Although the Suburban’s 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 engine isn’t exactly fuel efficient, it’s still large enough to get you from one end of the country to the other without stopping for petrol.


Parking: Suburban’s size advantage is great for hauling your belongings to your new house, but it’s not the easiest car to park. If you don’t have a parking space you’re going to have a hard time finding somewhere to unload your boxes.
Fuel: You’d better hope you can move all your stuff to your new place in one trip. Too much back and forth between houses is seriously going to increasing your petrol bill.

Removal Company


One trip: All removal companies have a van that is bigger than any car you could hire, so it’s a no brainer that they will get everything you own to your new place in one trip, no matter how big your stuff is. If you’re looking for a company that you’re certain can transport big items, check out the best autotransport quotes 2017 – Shiply was highly recommended by its users for its removal services. Shiply even transports cars to different countries, so you know they can handle your relatively big sofa.
One-off payment: You might convince yourself that driving your stuff out yourself will be cheaper than hiring a company, but if you factor in petrol expenses it’s not such a bargain. Looking on price comparison sites for the best deal won’t take up too much of your time, and you can find a deal that suits your budget.


Weekends: You’ll likely decide to move house on a weekend because you have other commitments during the week. However, removal companies charge more on the weekends, so you might not get the bargain you wanted.
Inexperienced men: Always do your research before hiring a company.

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