A collection of cool car license number plates showcasing the good, bad and just plain stupid vehicle plates from around the world.

Finally meet Mr. Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri. Mr. Khouri a businessman from Abu Dhabi became the lucky owner of this unique number plate, winning it an auction in Abu Dhabi after bidding a World record staggering amount of US$ 14.3 million!

Yep you heard it right..$14.3 million!



  1. several are fake. the ‘oral sex’ one is shown on two different bimmers, mmmbacon is 8 characters etc. Makes me question the legitimacy of all of them. still funny though.

  2. its on 2 different beemers as it is shown as what it may look like in real life its an example thats why it is fake its not hard to understand that……..anyway stumble here we go

  3. The 'oral sex' plate is supposed to be the genuine GB registration X321 ARO which when viewed in a rear-view mirror could resemble ORAl SEX.

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