There are many scenarios in life where you need to be insured on a vehicle but it does not make sense to take out an annual policy. In this situations, it is best to arrange short term car insurance, which can usually be arranged from as little as one day through to one month. This ensures that you are legally allowed to operate the automobile and there will be adequate protection in place in case anything were to happen.

Here are a few of the more common types of short term car insurance policies:


Learner Drivers

When learning to drive, it is essential that you are insured in case you get into some kind of accident. Obviously, you will not be able to arrange a typical insurance policy as you are not a license holder, but you can still arrange learner driver car insurance (provided that you have a provisional). Provided that you are accompanied by a qualified driver (at least 3 years) over the age of 21 you are able to practice driving a borrowed car.


Driveaway Insurance

When you purchase a new vehicle, there is a chance that you have not had the time to arrange insurance for this automobile or have to wait a few days for coverage to start. It is still illegal to drive the vehicle in this case and it would result in fines, points on your license and potentially even have the car confiscated. This is where driveway insurance comes in – a short-term level of cover which can cover you for up to a month and can be arranged quickly with specialists like Cap HPI.


Temporary Car Insurance

For every other situation where you require short-term cover, you will need to arrange temporary car insurance. A few examples of situations where this is handy include sharing the driving on a long trip, coming home from university for the holidays, borrowing a van to move home or making a business trip. Again, this can be very quick and easy to arrange and will have no impact on any no claims bonus as it is a standalone policy.


Short term car insurance is helpful in many different scenarios and is much cheaper, quicker and more convenient than taking out an annual policy or getting an additional driver added to a policy. The type that you need will depend on your situation, but there is always a solution whether you need coverage for a day or a whole month.