When you think about hitting the open road, it’s always in the middle of summer on dead motorways. Road trips never happen in winter when the snow is falling and everybody is freezing. Except, they do if you have to make it home for the holidays. Not everybody lives near their loved ones, so a long trip in a car is a necessary evil. *Plus, it’s worth mentioning that it’s nice to spend time with the family.

If you’ve never participated in such a journey before, you won’t know it’s a nightmare. Thankfully, the good news is you can make it a little less horrifying with the following advice.


Hire A Car

Part of the problem is the car – it isn’t built for long trips with lots of cargo. First of all, it can barely make it to the supermarket and back so it will be a Christmas miracle if it gets across the country. Secondly, there isn’t enough space for all the gear and the passengers. From the beginning, it’s a bit of a s**t storm as well as a snowstorm. Buying or hiring a used Range Rover Evoque is the answer to your problems. It’s affordable, there’s plenty of room in the back and the boot, and it won’t break down.


Leave The Office Early

Traffic is going to be terrible depending on the date, which is why you should skip work on the day you’re travelling. By setting off early, there is no need to sit in a freezing car cursing the fact you had to make the trip. Usually, the roads are clear during the off-peak times which suggests you’ll get a free run. It’s flu season so you can blame it on illness, or you can take a day off. Even better, tell the boss you’re working from home and exploit your work life flexibility.


Take A Break

A couple of hours on a motorway might not seem like a long time yet it adds up. The average attention span starts to fray after 45 minutes, so anything over 2 hours is dangerous without a stop. Parking up and getting something to eat will give you the opportunity to recharge and focus again once you get behind the wheel. Plus, it’ll stop everyone from feeling cooped up in the back. Finally, it’s the perfect opening for some last minute shopping. No one wants to turn up empty-handed.


Pack The Devices

Parents will see the average attention span and think it’s 40 minutes too high. Kids are easily bored and they sound off which causes tension. Thankfully, technology has advanced to the point where they can watch their favourite shows as if they were at home. With a dongle or a personal hotspot and mobile data, they can sit quietly in the back. For the adults, this peace is essential for a smooth journey.

Otherwise, it includes lots of shouting and arguing and that isn’t in the holiday spirit.