Each year we see more and more cool innovations being introduced into cars. Innovative driver aids such as parking assists and fuel technologies like start / stop are making driving more enjoyable and relaxing. Technology is certainly doing wonders for tasks that many find  difficult behind the wheel, and Ford are cleverly tapping in to their new technology to demonstrate just how helpful their new cars now are for the stressed driver with the Ford Primary Brand campaign.

Fordare at the forefront of car technology and have developed a number of innovative technologies helping fuel savings. For example, their petrol EcoBoost engines deliver diesel thumping torque in a significantly more environmentally friendly package. Ford’s recent Primary Brand campaign aims to show the world just how committed Ford is to delivering innovative technology to their vehicles.
Active Park Assist technology is one such example. In the Go Further campaign from Ford, the company showcases this technology firsthand in video and demonstrates just how well a car – using this technology – can park itself with very little input from the driver. The campaign also demonstrates other innovative techn Check out Ford.com and the Ford Primary Brand campaign to view Ford’s latest range of vehicles and in-car technology.
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Active Park Assist: Go Further


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