It’s a moment that every parent has mixed feelings about, but it’s an inevitability when you have teenagers: buying their first car. Your teenager has worked really hard for months to become the best possible driver that they can, and they’ve just passed their test. The fact that they are now on the road and able to have freedom away from you? Terrifying. Utterly terrifying. However, that terror is mingled with pride at the fact that they have managed to drive carefully enough that an instructor out there has deemed them competent and safe to be in charge of their own vehicle on the road.

The next step after they pass? Buying their first car with them. It’s monumental and fun, but there are some considerations that you need to make. From the type of car you buy, to enquiring about car insurance with One Sure Insurance, there are a lot of things to think about at once. Let’s not forget, this is a car. It’s got more gadgets and possibilities and safety features than the push bike they’ve been sporting for much of their childhood, and as a parent you want your child – teen or not, still a child – to be as safe as possible. Below, we’ve got some of the most important tips that you’ll need when it comes to buying a car for your teenager.

It’s Not All About The Technology. Technology is fantastic, we’re not going to lie. With text features that you can get that text you when your teenager is speeding, you get real time updates. However, communication between you is more important, and you need to be able to calmly get to the bottom of the speeding incident to ensure they were still driving safely, not recklessly.

You Don’t Need A Sports Car. A teenager let loose on the road needs a car that they can be comfortable to ding on the bollards while they’re parking. A brand new car is lovely, but the expense can make your teenager more nervous to drive, because they’re afraid to move it in case they do crash. Buying a second-hand car is going to put your teenager in a more confident position to drive their new car.

Avoid Phone-To-Car Features. It’s great that there are so many places that will allow you the chance to sync your teenagers phone with the car for music, but let’s be honest: it will be very tempting to scroll Facebook or text messages if there are notifications popping up on the radio screen all the time. It’s best to stay away from these features and instead make sure that the car has an amazing sound system all of its own instead.

Buying a car for your teenager should be exciting. You should be able to sit together and pick the car, pick the insurance and make sure that they have had their additional motorway driving courses, too. It’s a big step from adolescence to adulthood – take it together. And don’t cry!