I’ve never had a dash cam until recently and I was lucky enough to get sent the MiVue 658 WiFI to test in a real world environment and below you can read my review.

Car dash cams were a new thing for me until I saw a video back in 2013 of a dash cam from a Russian car capturing a meteor fireball. Here is that video:

Until then I never knew about car dash cams but they’ve grown in popularity here in the UK for a number of reasons. The main reason is drivers have a dash cam installed in their car for recording video in the case of an accident. It’s handy to have proof of what has happened on the road.

Some car insurance companies are now offering discounts on insurance policies for those with dash cam installed, for example Swiftcover offer a 10% discount for those with dash cam installed.

What is Mio MiVue 658 WIFI?

The 658 WIFI is a high definition dash camera with integrated GPS and WIFI.

The great thing about this WiFi version is you can connect the camera to your smartphone via the free MiVue app and then send the video recording to your insurance company and/or the police in the event of an accident.

Also with in-built GPS the dash cam camera will pinpoint your route, speed and type of impact.

The dash cam will start recording when you start your car and you can easily be accessed via its touch screen. The Extreme HD 2304 pixel camera records every journey you make and there’s even a second SD card slot so you even have a backup of your video.

What’s it like?

Simple to install and use.

Bright and easy to read 2.7-inch screen

The automatic impact sensor is a handy feature as it will prevent you from forgetting to preserve important footage in the event of an accident. The integrated three-axis sensor records the G-force and also shows the direction and force of the impact.

You can also use the dash camera to take photos and then save to your smartphone via the WIFI.

As well as recording your journeys, the camera displays your vehicle’s speed and warns about any oncoming safety cameras. The device also has a parking mode, with the camera capable of recording permanently when the vehicle is stationary. However, this function requires an optional Smartbox accessory to provide enough power for long term use without draining the car’s battery.

The free MiVue Manager software is free and easy to download to your computer. You can also transfer video clips from our smartphone to your computer and share via social media and YouTube.

Video Samples

We haven’t had time to upload any videos yet but here are some examples from others who’ve put videos from the Mio MiVue 658 WiFi online:

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Day Video Sample

Night Video Sample


We found the Mio MiVue 658 WIFI very easy to use and with good vision (both day and night), a large screen and Wi-Fi compatibility, it’s a great dash cam.

Its low-light capabilities are particularly impressive and we love the wide-angled lens.

I really like The WIFI function so I could connect my iPhone straight to my computer via a lead.

With prices starting from £159, the 658 WIFI is not the cheapest dash camera on the market, but you do get a sense of where the extra money has been spent, with the high-quality touchscreen and camera providing excellent video recording.

For an additional £30 Smartbox, you can make the most of the parking feature which is something I may do in the near future.